Anping wire mesh future development trend

Anping wire mesh
Broad prospects for cooperation in development of the industry Anping People with strong innovation, screen industry in the vast history of development, the people to carry forward the studious Anping assiduously, the spirit of excellence, had attracted worldwide attention to achievements in China and the world occupies a very important position. In recent years, Anping further carry forward the spirit of this great hair, always hold high the banner features a county, to strengthen the construction of wire mesh industry as a top priority and strengthen county economies firmly in their hands. Regardless of the county government leaders on how to replace, how personnel changes, the intensity has diminished screen grab, either leaders have always put every screen industry to grow as a major strategic task of enriching county. Do regardless East and West Wind, insist screen industry does not relax; regardless of the previous and the next, is the realm of development for the screen; regardless of any office with this, the development of a screen is to have any.
Anping People have constantly pioneering. On China’s territory, regardless of medium and small cities are basically Anping people disappeared. Nationwide sales network, Anping wire mesh firmly occupy more than 80% of the market. Successful operation of Anping Wire Mesh World, the successful construction of Anping international wire mesh industry base of China (Anping) International Wire Mesh Fair consecutive sessions of success, a new bright spot so Anping wire mesh industry entered a new brilliant period.
Anping People have good cooperative. Back in 1991, took the lead in Anping established the city’s first foreign-funded enterprises, and was awarded a model of open cities. Now, the county-funded enterprises reached 50 mesh than the actual use of foreign investment $ 120 million, involving the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. In the implementation of the “Please come in” strategy, while Anping people to actively go out and broad participation in international economic exchanges and cooperation, has more consecutive sessions attended in Germany, USA, Japan, hardware exhibition. At the same time, has a direct sales offices in more than 20 countries or the United States, Germany, Russia, etc., to the open screen industry is accelerating diversification.
Now the advantage of already having Anping wire mesh, is moving into the high-speed rail development, Anping will be guided by the scientific concept of development, is committed to building an international Anping wire mesh manufacturing center, international wire mesh product research and development centers, international wire network quality monitoring center, international wire mesh screen information Center and the International training Center, developed a long-term planning and the development of screen industry, “five” measures. Namely: to deepen the “Base”. Grow dragon economy, promoting industrial scale characteristics; adjust and optimize the economic system. Accelerate the step of updating equipment, promoting the characteristics of industrial modernization; major efforts to develop export-oriented economy, and promoting the internationalization of special industries; full use of modern network technology, promote information technology characteristic industry; accelerate the industry self-discipline, and promote the standardization of the characteristics of industrial competition.
South Korean businessmen as our important partner for our local economy to make a significant contribution, but also to the people Anping left a deep impression. In order to further close cooperation, we established a special investment zone in Anping Korean businessmen international wire mesh industry base, we will be the greatest sincerity and make the most return on a thick Korean firms to get the most space for development in Anping.
Anping wire mesh is the gateway to the international market as a bridge, connecting the world of screen industry ties, we are ready to work with all investors, intermediaries and various forms of cooperation, sincerely welcome colleagues Korea Huilin Anping wire mesh, visit, invest Societe Generale, create brilliant!

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