Anping wire mesh industry cluster target “billions of class”

Anping wire mesh industry cluster target “billions of class”

Anping county county government in the construction of industrial clusters as an opportunity, around the “building high quality industrial cluster, make one hundred billion yuan level industry clusters” development goals, make greater efforts to push to promote wire mesh industry bigger and stronger.Building industrial park, make advantage of carrier.QiBuOu 10 square kilometers, the total area of 20 square kilometers of the plot on the east side of industrial park construction, adjust the screen for the county industrial structure, promote the transformation and upgrading of industry, space industry development provides a good platform and carrier.The county in accordance with the “large-scale, large frame, big market, big logistics” train of thought, planning and design of the traditional industrial district, high-tech industrial parks, technology research and development demonstration area, entrepreneurship and auxiliary guide district, logistics district, been exhibition area, building materials market, steel market and the public service center, the “six area two center”.At present, there have been a total investment of 24 billion yuan of 43 projects have settled in more than one hundred million yuan industrial park, the current project progress smoothly, most enterprises plant main body has been basically completed, DaXiao have been put into operation in 12 companies.”Twelfth five-year” period, the county to further speed up the construction pace, attract more industry high quality projects, capital, assets, resources, more well tax sources, productivity, production relations, the urbanization level of seven integration, realize the wire mesh industry cluster annual output value of billions.Cultivate leading enterprises, to enhance competitiveness.For the building industry giant, the county to make focus on the bigger and stronger, do leading brands, fluctuation kongfu, relying on key business projects, products, based on the property reorganization, organizations both upstream and downstream enterprises to create industrial chain model group, the giant.Key to form a revitalization, British KaiMo, Jin Delong 10 group co., LTD., strive to English KaiMo, wing, wah 3 listed into the coach period, such as crane industry achieves network implementation.At the same time, according to the thinking of “cultivating Long Yuying”, in the county enterprises carrying out “of the action”, we will increase policy support of 100 key enterprises, through increased investment, year after year on projects, technological upgrading, for three years Now output multiplier.Based on cultivating industry bibcock, guide the enterprise standard operation, ensure to finish before the end of the year 1-2 construction enterprise group, the real formation YiPi annual sales income over 500 million yuan, of the industry leading export exceeds 50 million yuan.Extend the industry chain, to promote optimization and upgrading.Wire mesh industry is the local traditional industries, is also advantageous industries, the county based on the existing industrial foundation, relying on the printed mesh, decorative mesh, microfilament nine screen institute, strengthen the research and development ability, increasing the new equipment, new products, new technology research and development strength, actively undertake industrial transfer, to introduce a batch of science and technology content high, the investment intensity big, big project enterprise tax contribution.In order to further expand the screen production industry development space, optimize industrial structure, extends the industrial chain, the county to establish and perfect the government-led, the industry as the main line, the enterprise as the main body, professional team to give priority to dry, unit investment as the main form of professional structure, the implementation of proactive, make greater efforts to run for the investment promotion and capital introduction work fast, vivid, do fine.At the same time, strive to promote has included in the modern service industry “twelfth five-year” development planning of logistics international wire mesh industry base and the construction of steel market, assume a bulk distribution, storage and transportation, processing, distribution and other functions, promote the upgrading of the wire mesh industry.

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