Barbed Wire Fence Installation

Barbed Wire Fence Installation

Our barbed wire fence product installation is extremely simple and convenient, usually 2-3 individuals can easily be installed. If customers buy matching fence words. I plant will be equipped with special installation tools. (Note: supporting fence into: barbed wire fencing uprights + + calipers + snap + rain hat)
Some customers feel that I plant fence uprights prices are particularly high, it does not matter. You can then buy some fine local stakes or galvanized steel, to when the fence post. So just use a wire tied to the net and can be a good column. This can effectively save procurement costs.
Professional installation Detailed description:
1, professional installation tools, calipers
2, dedicated support column, there is the required accessories, rain caps
3, prior to installation in the ground dug 40 cm x40 cm x50 cm pit, an interval of 3 meters
4, pouring cement pouring vertical column, then fence to start with calipers to snap the mesh and columns chucking
5, any special requirements can be set at intervals of 30 m and a set of a decapitated column longitudinal reinforcement bracing force.

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