Conveyer belt – Balanced weave belt


Conveyer belt – Balanced weave belt

Manufactured using left & right hand spiral connected with a crimped connecting rod to create a balanced weave. This weave is designated with the letter “B”.
B = balance weave designation
72 = 72 loops of wire per foot width
24 = 24 spirals connected in a foot of length
16 = gauge of wire (0.062” diameter)

Balanced weave belt is the most common weave used in general friction driven applications, positive driven mesh, and chain driven applications.This kind of belt is widely used for the food industry, the steel industry, the chemical industry and the glass industry etc for many years. Normally the belt has round wires, but can be executed with flattened wire as well. Many kinds of material are available, such as carbon steel,SUS304, SUS316 etc…

Balanced weave belts can be used in a temperature range of –50º up to +1100 º C, and can be delivered in every length and belt width up to 4 metres or more. For a very tight mesh the belt can be multiple woven or compound balanced. In this belt, the spirals are nested and one spiral has 3 or 4 or 5 cross rods instead of 2.



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