Conveyor belt wire mesh , how to use the only correct?

Conveyor belt wire mesh , how to use the only correct?

Conveyor belt conveyor Machinery manufacturing, electrical, chemical and metallurgical industry technology progress, constantly improve, gradually by complete workshop internal transfer, development to finish within the enterprise, between enterprises and even between urban material handling, become a material handling system an integral part of mechanization and automation. Has the traction a conveyor belt generally includes tow parts, bearing, driving device, tension device, redirection device and bearing, etc.Traction to pass traction, conveyor belt, traction chain or wire rope can be used.Characteristics of conveyor belt equipment structure of traction is: be shipped materials in drawing a link within the bearing components together, or directly on the traction parts (such as conveyor belt), traction pieces around the drum or sprocket end to end, form including delivery of materials have branches and not shipped materials no-load branch of closed loop, using traction a continuous conveying material movement. Have tow pieces of the structure of the conveyor equipment each are not identical, used for conveying material component is not the same.Their structure features are: using the work component of rotating or reciprocating motion, forward or use medium flow in the pipe to make the material conveying. Roller conveyor belt is composed of roller, bearing, and frame, used for assembly line, automation equipment, logistics equipment, the articles of the necessary equipment.Carry objects bottom hard, do the bottom hard objects such as iron, plastic, the selected wheelbase must ensure that for more than 4 root (three wheel base) of roller to carry objects.Transmission object’s underside is soft underside of soft objects, such as cartons, plastic rubber, may be stuck when the selected track width must ensure to 6 (more than five wheel base) of roller to carry objects.In addition, each roller bear strength shall be as shown in the table below to the roller intensity.When carrying withstand impact when carrying when withstand shock, impact load can be more than usually load 1.5 ~ 3 times, therefore, please choose has enough ability to transfer conveyor belt. Stainless steel conveyor belt use: 1.Food biscuit industry: width 180 mm – 1200 mm cotton, nylon line, canvas belt, oven mesh belt, mesh belt, cooling injection machine turning machine, stainless steel wire mesh chain chocolate coating machine b type mesh belt. 2.Glass annealing LuWang, roast flowers LuWang, lose bottle machine mesh belt, Mosaic type mesh belt, mesh belt, specifications have crankshaft direct axis type mesh belt, diamond mesh belt, double spiral mesh belt, etc. 3.Instant noodles and rice flour industry: steamed stainless steel net chain, all kinds of oil box, drying box, knife, comb, shaft, stainless steel molding box and so on. 4.All kinds of frozen food and vegetables dehydration assembly line equipment with stainless steel conveyor chain, mesh belt, shaft, etc. Common problem: Conveyor belt wire mesh, in addition to the above running deviation problem, but also often appear scuffed, marked, damaged, overlapping parts of the problem such as craze, problems arose with these devices not only accelerated the damage of the conveyor belt, and the cause of material leakage and waste, usually after the conveyor equipment problems, enterprise by sewing, heating vulcanization or scrapped, the method can well solve the problem of equipment, scrap update causes the equipment procurement costs rise.

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