Dutch merchants visit anping wire mesh market

Dutch merchants visit anping wire mesh market

Mr Li Weiming Yuan Lingjun, deputy head of the local government and county development and reform commission (NDRC), China merchants, right belongs to, screen accompanied by chamber of commerce and screen big world management committee is responsible for the comrades in the symposium, county hotel on the third floor meeting room and into the anpingxian screen big world, wire mesh industry base and on-the-spot investigation on screen.Dutch Hitmetal group is a family-owned enterprise, founded in 1842, the main distribution wire mesh, nails, stainless steel and other nine categories of products, products are mainly exported to eastern Europe, Russia and other countries and regions.Mr Li Weiming visit anping wire mesh market situation, is the purpose of looking for investment partners.Anpingxian Yuan Lingjun, deputy head of the government to Mr Li Weiming introduces the basic situation and the local screen industry overview, he says, is anping wire mesh industry characteristic pillar industries, anpingxian is the country named “Chinese silk screen of the township”, “China wire mesh industry base”, “wire mesh production base in China”, with a long history, famous in the world.So far has a history of more than 500 years.At present, the wire mesh industry practitioners of more than 120000 people, wire mesh products has grown to eight series, more than 400 varieties, more than 6000 kinds of specifications, widely used in petroleum, chemical, construction, automobile manufacturing, paper making, medicine, farming and other industrial and agricultural production and high-tech fields such as aviation, spaceflight, national defense.Wire mesh production, sales and exports account for more than 80% of China, also exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, Australia and the Middle East and other 130 countries and regions.Known as the “world screen look at China, Chinese silk screen” anping.Anping wire mesh five characteristics: a, has the world’s largest international wire mesh professional wholesale market, China anping wire mesh world.Screen big world, the nation’s top markets, construction area of 160000 square meters, more than 1000 merchants, set product trading, cargo transfer, bank settlement, information publishing, property management, quality inspection, is also the world’s largest wire mesh products distribution center;Second, has the world’s largest international wire mesh industry base, anping international wire mesh industry base in China.Base planning covers an area of 4.5 square kilometers, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan, has been attracting silk screen of the advanced technology and talent disk, is a world-class multi-functional, modernization and internationalization, specialization of new wire mesh industry base;Three, has the world’s largest international wire mesh professional marketing network is spread all over the screen.Each medium cities at home and abroad has business negotiation and silk screen shop, more than 6000, in the United States, Germany and other outlets or offices in more than 20 countries;Four, has the world’s largest international wire mesh professional exhibition is held annually in China anping international wire mesh fair.Since 2001, has successfully held five sessions, has received more than one thousand foreign visitors, involving the United States, Canada, Japan, Sweden and other 35 countries and regions, conference signed purchase and sale to the value of 8 billion yuan, total contracted projects of cooperation more than 80.Anpingxian investment environment is good, he says, there have been 65 foreign-funded enterprises settled in anping, is hebei province opening to the outside world and typical demonstration, in order to encourage foreign investors to anpingxian investment home buyers, anpingxian worked out a series of preferential policies.During the officials responsible for comrades attending the meeting with Mr Li Weiming screen of common concern in international trade is also standard, price, screen material problems such as communication, Li Weiming gave high evaluation to the anpingxian screen development.

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