Exterior wall thermal insulation wire mesh is introduced

Exterior wall thermal insulation wire mesh  is introduced

Of exterior wall thermal insulation wire mesh varieties have hot dip galvanized wire mesh, welded wire mesh plating zinc, alkali resistant glass fiber grid cloth, etc.Exterior wall thermal insulation mesh is mainly used for general building facades, pouring concrete, high-rise residential and so on, in the structure of heat preservation system plays an important role, when construction will be hot dip galvanized steel wire rack of polystyrene in the inner side of the will be casting exterior module, external insulation board and wall a survival, after ripping insulation board and wall body, thus saves manpower, time and cost of installation.Chooses the hot galvanizing steel wire rack of polystyrene block, qualitative light, easy construction, outside facing can be used for brick, simple operation, also can undertake the construction in winter.Insulation mesh specifications galvanized welded wire mesh crack in thermal engineering plays a certain role, exterior wall paint and plaster mesh is divided into two kinds: one for hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh, long service life, strong anticorrosion performance);Another change for drawing wire net (economic incentives, smooth surface, white and glossy), in accordance with the requirements of area, the construction unit to make reasonable material selection, painting the construction hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh specifications are: 12.7 x 12.7, between 0.4 0.9 mm wire diameter.In building insulation industry, galvanized welded wire mesh is also called (galvanized steel wire net) actually both belong to the same kind of products.Exterior wall thermal insulation grid cloth, glass mat cloth) is based on the alkali or alkali free glass fiber yarn as raw material, woven glass fiber grid cloth as the backing material, then through coating acrylic copolymer liquid after drying and become a new type of alkali products.The product has stable structure, high intensity, good alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, crack resistance and other characteristics, enhancing effect is best, and the construction is simple, and easy.Polystyrene material itself is relatively easy to be destroyed, in construction should try to avoid collision, especially when set in the set of the scaffolding and removal must pay attention to protect;If outer wall to open hole, you must first draw good position, cut off the hole location of wire sawing insulation board again, can open hole construction;In addition, considering the insulation board of fire prevention, pollution prevention, net rack rust prevention, long term and can make the failure reasons, such as interfacial agent on the surface of the insulation board insulation board should be installed for layered rendering protection as soon as possible. Meaning: on one hand is to satisfy the thermal environment of the building space or thermal technology equipment, on the other hand is to save energy.Such as: perlite insulation board, class A fire insulation board as the worldwide energy increasingly tight Zhang, the meaning of the thermal insulation material in the aspect of energy saving more and more outstanding.Only in terms of the general residents heating of the air conditioning, and through the use of enclosure insulation materials, can be on the basis of the existing energy-saving 50% ~ 80%.Exterior wall insulation board of experts from Japan’s energy conservation practice proved that the thermal insulation material, per use 1 ton of standard coal can be saved 3 tons/year, and its energy-saving efficiency is 10 times the material production cost. Six basic requirement of the external wall thermal insulation web standards, reminding architects and real estate developers in the architectural design should pay attention to the problem.First, the correct understanding and use the standard;Second, using the thermal insulation material plasticity;Third, the exterior insulation system is a system.It is by no means is not some simple materials together;Fourth, to strengthen the design of the wind pressure resistance;Fifth, pay attention to the package structure;Sixth, pay attention to the external wall thermal insulation system of water vapor penetration ability.

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