Fence netting products e-commerce have difficult

Fence netting products e-commerce have difficult

A, such as: rail fence netting fully prepared before the quotation

First of all, to analyze the customer’s purchase intention, understand their real needs good hammered out a targeted quotation.As we do rail fence netting, gelizha, in the face of inquiry, we will analyze customer first, such as a dealer or customer directly, need a lot more, is just want to see where the price, and so on these we can analyze.

Of course, we also can help customers, recommend them better and more suitable products, such as Used for breeding cattle, sheep, animal purse Seine, we usually recommend woven wire;Isolation of flowers and plants, municipal gardens etc. Will recommend welded fence;And specialized factories, community, stadium, highway, railway, game, animal husbandry, water conservancy projects, and so on all aspects of the fence?Second, completes the market tracking survey, know the latest market dynamics.Because of high market information transparency, the market price changes quickly, unstable raw material prices, so must be based on “subject” of a latest quotation offer.2: choose the appropriate link fence price channelAccording to different customers, choose a different offer.Can choose a telephone, E-mail, QQ, MSN, automobil Jennie, etc., it depends on your own understanding of the customer

Third, as far as possible let customers know your companyThis is very important, as the company’s business license, company qualification, and so on are very important.Four rail fence netting, highlighting your products advantagesFor example: if the rail fence price is quite high, must tell the customer to understand the characteristics of their products, and the comparison with the advantages of similar products.Such as in the aspect of material, performance, after-sales service, packaging, etc. Of the total quotation to professional, in the offer before or try to give me some professional problem, show their familiar with product or industry, is expert.Have confidence in their own comprehensive strength, also don’t blindly to please customers at a low price.

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