Fiberglass window screening

FOB Price: US $0.2-0.5 / Square Meter

Min.Order Quantity: 100 Roll/Rolls small sample is free

Supply Ability: 10000 Roll/Rolls per Week


Fiberglass window screening Specifications

Material: 304, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel.

Size: 11 mesh * 0.8mm 12 mesh * 0.7mm, 10 mesh * 0.9mm, 8.5 mesh * 1.0mm, 4 mesh * 1.6mm

Mesh size: 1200mm * 2000mm 1200mm * 2400mm 900mm * 2000mm 900mm * 2400mm 750mm * 2000mm 750mm * 2400mm

The perception of the mesh: transparent sense of vertigo, such as a layer of colored glass transparent indoor to outdoor, outdoor to indoor to see hazy, blurred.

Bullet-proof network effect: the super impact force, anti-theft, bullet-proof, anti-mosquito.

Features: smooth surface, mesh standard, bending the same latitude and longitude, its distinguishing feature is as hard as iron board real anti-theft, bullet-proof, home office security preferred.

Bullet-proof net product features and uses: nets the state for the iron-like, hard, super anti-impact force, which is the most significant characteristics of our products.
Very good light transmission: from the inside out to see high-definition, blurred from the outside to the inside, for you to create a safe and comfortable private space, and can block the mosquito into the room, bedroom and office space warm, safe, anti-theft, bullet-proof product of choice. Generally referred to as metal security doors and windows network

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