Field Fence

FOB Price: US $1-25/roll

Min.Order Quantity: A 20 foot container

Supply Ability: 10000 Roll/Rolls per Week

Field Fence
Detailed introduction to field fence:
Introduction Product
Field Fence (woven wire) is manufactured in a wide selection of heights and styles featuring a graduated spacing that starts with small openings at the bottom which helps prevent entry from small animals. The hinge-lock knot allows the fencing to give under pressure and spring back into shape. It also expands or contracts under changing weather, giving flexibility and added strength. This quality fencing ensures a solid construction over any terrain.
Material: High strength galvanized steel wire, Hot-dipped Galvanized iron wire or plastic coated iron wire
Weaving and characteristics: Automated machinery production, hot-DIP galvanized buckle connection with a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, tensile strength, high corrosion resistance and so on.
Uses: Our field fence is designed using a variety of spacing configurations to accommodate horses, cattle, hogs and other large animals. Mainly used for grass, pasture fencing, and ecological protection projects.
Main Specifications:
Mesh: 15-14-13-11-10-8-6 (cm via) 15-18-20-40-50-60-65 (cm weft)
Mesh Height: 0.8 m 0.9 m 1.0 m 1.1 m 1.2 meters 1.5 meters 2 meters 2.3 meters
Length: 115 feet (50 meters) 330 feet (100 meters) mesh, mesh height and length can be arbitrary adjustments can also be customized according to user needs
How choose the field fence
Field Fence is produced with zinc coating, in a SWG 9, 10, 11, or 12.5. Heights range from 26″ to 78″, with a stay opening of either 6″ or 12″ and a length of 330′. A uniform strength provides the best stretching possible and the range of sizes available will meet all your fencing needs.
Select Field Fence offers the same tensile requirements as our Premium Fence. Using a commercial zinc coating, Select Field Fence comes in SWG12.5, with a 6″ stay opening in 330′ rolls. This quality field fence is a great value for your fencing needs.

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