Framework fence USES, specifications and features

Framework fence USES, specifications and features

Frame fence is a kind of flexible assembly products, widely used in highway, railway, highway, etc.;Not only can be made into permanent wall, but also can be used as temporary cars, method is simple and easy to operate, just using different pillar fixed way can be implemented.Product specifications: mesh (mm) : 75 x150 50 * 50 mesh (mm) : 1800 x3000 box (mm) : 20 x30x1. 5 mesh jinsu (mm) : 0.7 to 0.8 after the mesh model (mm) : 6.8 column size (mm) : 48 x2x2200 integral bending: 30 ° bend length (mm) : column spacing (mm) : 300 3000 columns embedded (mm) : embedded foundation (mm) : 250-250 500 or 400 x400 x300x300 x400Product advantages: beautiful, durable, deformation, easy installation, is the industry ideal metal wall, have now been widely promoted.

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