Gabion wire mesh revetment in YiChunShi lukewarm water town, the application of flood control works

Gabion wire mesh  revetment in YiChunShi lukewarm water town, the application of flood control works

1 project overview Lukewarm water flood control project is located in the town of town of lukewarm water lukewarm water river river shelter-forest river, geomorphic types belongs to low mountain hills valley topography, low in the northeast, south is high, the river flow from the south to north.Township is roughly in accordance with the lukewarm water in the river and river on both sides of the distribution, the lukewarm water and surrounded the town.Proposed regulation river 5.035 km long, engineering protection area of 10.2 km2, protect the population of 07700, 07700 hm2 farmland.River about 15 ~ 30 m wide, present situation on both sides of only about 1.0 km of river flood control facilities, and most of quality problems, and other river no flood control facilities, essential for natural river channel;The channel siltation is serious, flood discharge.The construction project is: the lukewarm water river course management, building reinforcement engineering status of flood control facilities and flood control facilities, etc.This project of river bank slope protection adopts the gabion cages slope protection. The characteristics of 2 gabion cages Gabion cages is gold wire braided Angle net cages made of (hexagonal net), the use of wire diameter according to the size of the hexagonal.If is the wire hexagonal metal coating, use the wire diameter of 2.0 mm to 4.0 mm gold line.If it is PVC coated wire Weaving hexagonal wire netting, use the outside diameter of 3. 0 to 4 mm. 5 mm PVC wire (metal).On the edge of the frame line is used a thicker than hexagonal network cable line.Stone cage net is using twisted-pair line will be tied together to form the mesh, so even if one or two line is broken, also can’t be solved, will not fall apart. Gabion box construction is simple, economic, and do not need special technology.Just put the stones into the cage sealing.There is a strong withstand natural damage and corrosion resistance and the ability to resist the influence of bad weather.Can withstand a wide range of deformation, and still does not collapse.Cage stone gap between silt is beneficial to plant growth, can be integrated with the surrounding natural environment.Good permeability, can prevent injury caused by fluid static.To save transportation cost, it can be folded up transport, assembly on site. 3 gabion cages slope protection engineering construction method 3.1 construction procedures Laid before the stone cage, advance the slope surface leveling and laying sand gravel cushion layer according to design requirements and compaction, strong stability.Measuring lofting stone cage axis according to design drawings and inside and outside the side line.Check the appearance of the stone cage XiangLong Presence of defects or man-made destruction, determine the size of box body, mesh, wire diameter, diameter side lines, frame lines, and ready for installation tools, the installation pad and filling stone stone cage net. 3.2 gabion cages binding Stone cage net: interval tie with artificial lift gauze pad into about 90 ° Angle, tie between network become a box.Wire binding line USES the same material, the double strands of banding and twisted.Around a fixed interval online and binding twisted. Laying stone cage net pad: the position shall be laid, in accordance with the design of graphic gabion mattress lay.In integrity combined with vertical direction, tie all adjacent stone cage net box line, start by vertical downwards use lead wire around 2 ~ 3 times and tie, stone cage net pad under the adjacent online border lines shall be binding, so that you can link adjacent network, the average per square metre tie 4.Stone cage net pad link before they could get to fill the stone. 3.3 fill in stone First, with scaffolding gabion wire mesh, so as to avoid its deformation.Use machinery or artificial stone fill, fill the stone may fill one at a time, in order to make sure the stone cage shape complete;Stone cage blanks in each group must be even cast materials at the same time, in order to make sure the stone cage founder.Stone acceptance in accordance with the design requirements, it is forbidden to use rust stone, weathered granite, waste stone, stone diameter shall not be greater than 2 times the diameter of the mesh. Stone into, first in the bottom with diameter of 100 mm to 150 mm stones uniform decoration, to start from the four corner XiangLong code build by laying bricks or stones size is about 200 mm stones, then layered with proper distribution of stone decoration, middle size collocation filled enclosure, fill after the completion of the fixed box.In the process of filling when packing to housing quarter, with a small gravel or sand filling vacancies, and steel ram compaction time, adjust the body line.External bare parts, must be in artificial barrier, tidy tamping compaction, in order to beautiful.And according to actual needs, set up appropriate brace. 3.4 sealing cover Block before, must will be at the top of the stone pavement leveling, check each XiangLong fill the height of the stone, the difference in height and length difference within the scope of design, can use binding wire sealing cover.Firm sealing cover, from the bottom up, sealing side even after closure, the box around the box line according to no less than 15 cm distance to tie it again, somehow the line is almost the same, all XiangLong into a row of the whole, carried out on the river bank slope protection as a whole wire mesh.

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