galvanized steel wire rope

Galvanized steel wire rope and cold galvanized steel wire rope essential difference is this: galvanized zinc layer compared with cold galvanizing, zinc alloy layer due to corrosion resistance better. Hot hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope surface condition because zinc alloy, so his hair color to be black point. The plating surface so there is no chemical reaction occurs or zinc character, looks brighter. Under normal circumstances, galvanized zinc layer to be thicker, corrosion resistance better. Electro-galvanized zinc layer of relatively thin, corrosion resistance worse. (Unless the degree of cold galvanized zinc coating thickness of the zinc layer is reached)

The following issues of concern to our customers, in the end is good plating rope, wire rope or Redu good? Can not be generalized, see you for what purposes. For example, the support pipe steel, plated or better, good-looking, the cost is low; if electricity tower, should be galvanized. Because galvanized corrosion resistance, and can be used three or four decades. Because the surface of the galvanized zinc content, although high, but because of hot dip galvanized steel wire rope surface layer of zinc alloy, corrosion resistance is much higher than its cold galvanized steel wire rope. Currently the market are generally plated rope, because Redu expensive, dealers sell Redu of low profits, selling a good friend, but the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel wire rope is in the air in a year or so. But the hot corrosion resistance of galvanized steel wire rope length. To distinguish from the appearance of the case, the appearance of cold galvanized wire rope brighter, more attractive, but the appearance of hair black galvanized steel wire rope. So, ladies and galvanized steel wire rope when the user purchases must pay attention. In fact, the corrosion resistance of cold galvanized steel wire rope is not as light top coat of oil. Actually smooth rope Price 8000.00 / tonne basis, it is necessary to add 1000.00 tons of cold galvanizing, hot dip in the base fare 1000.00 tons. So I would suggest to do this together manufacturers and brokers galvanized steel wire rope, in fact, many users do not know this principle. As a leader in specialty wire rope industry advocate energy saving and harmonious development, so that the wire rope greater benefits for our environment is damaged as little as possible.

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