Galvanized Wire

FOB Price: US $650/ton

Min.Order Quantity: 10 tons

Supply Ability: 10000 tons


Galvanized wire : Mainly used in weaving of wire mesh, mainly for communication equipments, medical equipment and braid, brushes, cables, filters, high-pressure pipe, construction, handicrafts and other  industries.

Feature:  High tensile strength and good flexibility, uniform layer of zinc, corrosion- resistant, beautiful color,

Technical specifications:

1) Electro Galv. Iron Wire; Zinc coating: 20-25g/mm²

2) Hot Dipped Galv. Iron Wire, Zinc coating: 50-370g/ mm²

3) Standard Wire gauge from BWG8-BWG32

4) Tensile Strength is 45 – 55kgs/ mm²

5) Firmed Coating Layer

6) Single roll wire without any inter-cuts or breaks

7) Customer’s size is available

2-13041Q63034Y8 2-13041Q63153441 2-13041Q62K09B

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