Galvanized Wire Mesh

Galvanized wire mesh ,Steel net of any species can be used, but the cost will be higher, the thickness of the more commonly used materials are generally under 3 mm, specifications generally used, 20 knives, 30 knives, 40 knives, 60 knives, 80 knives, knife a few more small selection of raw materials thinner thickness (knife: knife-gauge steel mesh, such as 40 knives, namely diamond mesh long diagonal is 40 mm, the short diagonal is 20 mm,)
Welded wire mesh is the high cost of varieties, generally used in cold Roberts welding, not galvanized, to reduce costs. Wire according to the need to use, generally about one millimeter can also be increased or reduced. Aperture customized according to your requirements. To 1 inch units, any combination, such as (L * W) 1 * 1,1 * 2,1 * 3,2 * 1,2 * 2 ……

Crimped wire mesh welded wire mesh is similar, but the price is the lowest, because the cost is nearly 1/5 of the manual costs, and the mechanism is flash, easy to open.

Network products, the largest sourcing destination is Anping, the country’s largest production base.

Construction, between Network Rail want lap, then every place with thin wire sewn, or a long time, here cracks.

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