Galvanized wire mesh with the characteristics

Galvanized wire  mesh with the characteristics

Nowadays galvanized wire mesh application is very extensive in the field of our life, is widely used, is that galvanized mesh has many advantages.

1) have good durability, compared with galvanized steel longer life;

(2) has good heat resistance, compared with galvanized steel at high temperatures and not easy to change color;

(3) has good heat reflective;

(4) with the silver gorgeous surface;

(5) has a similar to galvanized steel processing and spraying performance;

(6) has a good welding performance.Mesh application: demanding in galvanized industry.6, electroplating sn (tin) : use of insoluble anode of Florida, Stan electroplating tin process.

7, caitu;

8, electrical steel, silicon steel sheet

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