Hebei wire mesh enterprise “break into the international market”

Hebei wire mesh enterprise “break into the international market”

Hebei anping wire mesh industry base is famous in China. Mainly anping nearly hundred hebei wire mesh has been recognized by the enterprise group exhibition 2010 China international construction hardware exhibition (CIBHS), hoping the export-oriented exhibition to expand the export channels of its products’ break into the international market.”2010 China international building hardware exhibition (CIBHS) committee spokesman said.”And the event, hundreds of hebei anping wire mesh enterprise will form huge pavilion, and almost all kinds of metal wire mesh to the exhibition site. These companies account for the more than 100 exhibition booths, at the fair form a predominantly anping wire mesh enterprise ‘screen zone, relying on the advantage of industrial cluster, and formed a powerful force, has more conducive to enterprise influence enhancement and the expansion of export channels.”The organizing committee of 2010 China international building five Jin Zhan CIBHS) spokesman said.”China international building hardware exhibition (CIBHS) has been committed to advancing the industry cluster of China building hardware industry, in addition to anping wire mesh enterprise groups participating in the past, zhejiang haiyan fasteners, hebei huanghua nails, wire, and part of the standard parts will group participation, based on a fair trade platform, develop the international market.”The spokesman said.

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