Highway fence anti-corrosion methods and coating process

Highway fence  anti-corrosion methods and coating process

Highway guardrail fence of commonly used anti-corrosion way as the powder immersion methodPowder jinsu, it originated in the fluidized bed, the so-called fluidized bed was originally on the winkler gas generator used in oil contact decomposition, then develop the gas solid two phase contact process, after gradually used in metal plastic coated.so Sometimes still called “fluidized bed coating method”, the actual process is add powder coating to porous permeability at the bottom of the container flows (tank), by the blower from the bottom into the compressed air after processing, make the powder coating turning to achieve “fluidized state”, become the uniform distribution of fine powder.Highway guardrail fence coating processHighway guardrail net coating process are done by two stages: the first stage for fixed bed, the second phase of airflow conveying stage, on the basis of the fixed bed continue to increase the velocity (W), bed expansion and loose, bed height increased, each powder particles float, and leave the original position for a certain degree of mobile, has now entered the stage of fluidized bed.BC period of powder in fluidized bed expansion, its height (I) increases with the increasing of gas velocity, but bed (delta P) does not increase, the pressure changes within a certain range velocity without affecting the fluid power unit, the this is the characteristics of the fluidized bed, it is to use this feature to applied on the coating process.The uniformity of powder fluidized state in the fluidized bed is the key to ensure uniform coating.On the powder coating with fluidized bed belongs to “vertical fluidized”, fluidization number must be tested to find out, generally to coating, powder suspended in fluid bed rate of up to 30 ~ 50%.

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