Highway fence how to do it rust and corrosion

Mentioned highway fence, I believe we have to understand that in some highway safety net on both sides of the fence, and that is the most common place, with the highway fence, orderly traffic to run down, it can be said highway Fence is essential to protect the transport sector facilities. Long-term wind and sun outdoors, fencing is also facing the threat of corrosion, rust, oxidation, such as rust and corrosion deterioration highway fence do it, pawn industry fencing along with you know next.

First, the fence life and what factors

Fence of life depends on the quality of its raw materials and surface corrosion materials, under normal circumstances, the use of raw materials, carbon steel and alloy steel tubes, surface corrosion process: Hot dip galvanizing plus. In addition, its longevity and also located in the environment, the more harsh environment, the shorter its life.

Second, how to solve the fence rust and corrosion

On industry applications, common way is by means of a fluidized bed dip. We know that the second phase fluidized solids flow pattern, and continue to increase the flow rate on the basis of a fixed bed, the bed began to swell and loose, bed height began to increase, and each powder particles are floated, thus leaving the original position a degree of movement, then it enters the fluidized bed stage.

It is this way the body dip, so that the powder fluidized solid particles can be uniformly applied in the fence surface, forming a protective film that can prevent outside rainwater for excellent corrosion oxidation fence. In addition, an effective solution is regular maintenance, some sections are easily damaged fence, to do regular maintenance, in time, the first time to resolve.

Fence is a long-term corrosion preventive work, only the equipment maintenance is good, so to make a long run down the device, to bring more convenience to traffic control.

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