Highway guardrail mesh strengths

Highway guardrail mesh strengths.

Fence and fence, gelizha, fence netting can be divided into: garden fence netting, railway guardrail net, bridge guard rail net, highway guardrail, sports purse Seine, airport fence, bilateral wire fence netting, the stadium fence netting, etc.Welded wire mesh fence is by electric welding machine for the wire mesh, cold galvanized iron wire or galvanized wire after welding, then through bending, plastic spraying or multi-channel processes such as PVC processing.Hook wire mesh fence is the hook wire mesh machine for all kinds of metal wire hook weaving and become.Frame fence netting is widely used in China’s highway, railway, highway, etc.;Both can be made into a permanent wall, and can be used as temporary cars.Highway guardrail net beautiful and easy, durable, can be used for a long time, resistance to weathering, the mountain, slope, bending area especially strong adaptability, which can effectively prevent pedestrians to climb.Highway guardrail net fence mesh is a colorful, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, smooth surface, strong tension, deformation characteristics of susceptible to outside force bump, product strengths for the construction site installation flexibility is strong, can according to the requirement to the whole structure shape and size, and also can be used with the corresponding column.Because the mesh and post installation mode, can the transportation, and is not restricted by the terrain ups and downs when installation.Guardrail nets with grid structure Jane the characteristics of practice, beautiful and practical, easy to transport and install relief without limit, for mountain, slope, bending area, flexible, and there are other kinds of fence netting compare cannot be compared strengths.Highway guardrail net It is a kind of high quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire or aluminum magnesium alloy wire braided welded together fence netting products. Highway guardrail net is one of the most important transportation infrastructure, highway in our country developed from the 80 s, it to national economy and social development plays an important role.The highway is important to maintain and security facilities.In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic highway construction, the growing market of safety barrier., but due to the product in the production and use of time is less than 10 years in our country, the product standards issued only five or six years, just two years, issued by the national standard production factory, technical parameters on the performance of the product, production process to master each are not identical, causes the product quality the good and bad are intermingled.Some sections of the adoption of anticorrosive process improper handling of guardrail products, less one or two years time, guardrail and rusty, not only influence the visual effect of the highway, also greatly shorten the effective age of the fence, at the same time, it increases the maintenance costs.Guardrail belongs to large boast skillful used for outdoor facilities, the choice of protective system to for different choice of different atmospheric environment protection system.Newly issued national standard GB/T18226-2000 “highway traffic engineering conditions of steel members anti-corrosion technology, guardrail products protection can be divided into four categories: galvanized iron, aluminium, zinc (aluminum) after coated wire, plastic coated.Country and regional pollution is not serious, can use separate hot-dip zinc layer protection type or single coating protection fence panels, and off the coast of heavy industry or urban areas, particularly in areas with acid rain, ordinary hot-dip zinc or plastic spraying coating barrier board to use fixed number of year alone may lose effectiveness, the maintenance cost greatly increase the barrier.For hot dip aluminum guardrail, the corrosion resistance is better than ordinary hot-dip zinc guardrail, but its process, technology, cost and impact on the environment and other reasons, is not is very wide application range.And use hot dip aluminum + spray plastic protective system, relative to the hot-dip zinc + coating protection system is a kind of economic methods.The use of galvanized sheet + plastic spraying double protection system, can be in heavy pollution area especially acid rain area to achieve good antiseptic effect, use fixed number of year greatly extended, the most durable protection method.

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