How to choose a suitable for your wire mesh?

How to choose a suitable for your wire mesh

Select the appropriate screen is an indispensable link.Due to the screen printing applicable scope is very broad, so factor that is related to many aspects.When choosing a wire  mesh, and printing requirements, based on the specific situation to choose different screen when choosing screen can usually from the different angles to consider.(1) according to the types of substrates selection screen.When choosing respectively according to the fabric, paper products, glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, wood products, electronic products and so on a few kinds to choose to use.(2) according to different properties of ink selection screen printing ink have different adaptive traits.So want to consider when choosing screen printing ink drying time and the degree of bright colours, ink absorption ability of substrates and other factors.(3) according to the selection of screen mesh material and performance wire mesh itself should consider when the material and physical performance, choose the corresponding mesh according to different eligibility.(4) according to print to the screen, choose to take an examination of printing speed, printing pressure, printing plate of the resistance force, the absorptive capacity of substrates.It has already been introduced selection screen several ways.But on the basis of mesh is not purely a selection problem.Besides considering screen mesh, consider the cost of printing ink, printing substrates such as related to various factors.Master the methods of selection and pay attention to the problem, choose appropriate mesh can be handy.The following aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a screen.(1) first consider the ease of printing ink through the screen mesh, generally choose to consider this aspect more.Middle color ink to use transparent ink, pigment particles is fine, the ratio of relative pigments chromatophore, oil ink through sexual better, when the ink use high wire mesh mesh can also be very well through;General plastic ink through sex is better;Special-purpose inks, ink pigment concentration is high, although its fine particles through sex is relatively less than.(2) if rough surface of the substrates, generally use a lower mesh screen.Such as leather, canvas, foam sheets, wood material such as printing.Due to the rough surface substrates, strong absorbency so low with a mesh screen, in order to ensure enough ink quantity through.(3) according to the original graphic line scale selection screen.In general, contrary to the above situation, fine lines to choose high mesh screen.(4) selection screen also consider cost, on the premise of meet the requirements of printing, as far as possible choose low price screen.

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