How to correctly choose and mesh fence and application

How to correctly choose and mesh fence and application

Mesh fence is mainly used for factory, workshop, warehouse, parking lot, commercial, public occasions, such as the protection of equipment and facilities and protection.Mesh fence everywhere in our life.  Mesh fence was made of steel, is commonly used, such as: round steel pipe, steel tube or pressed steel plates.Surface treatment: automatic electrostatic powder coating (coating) or spray paint.Outdoor surface treatment with a crash barrier materials For waterproof material.Crash barrier made beautiful appearance, and not easy to rust.

How do we choose and buy good fence:1 the network quality fence, mesh is made of different specifications of the wire rod (wire) welded together, the diameter of wire rod and intensity directly affects the quality of the mesh, should choose in terms of selected silk is produce by normal manufacturer of high quality wire rod Out of the finished wire;Followed by mesh welding or compiling process, the main is to look at the production and technical personnel and skilled technical between mechanical and operating ability, good mesh is usually every welding or compiling points are connected can is good enough.Anping some regular mesh production companies, is fully automatic welding machine is used to produce, while small factory together using manual welding, the quality is assurance is usually.   2, the quality of the fence post and frame, guardrail post and framework is also a place is below, some companies are using formal Angle steel and round steel, but in a different part of the selection of the Angle steel and round steel should be different.  3, guardrail net overall grasp of plastic spraying process, generally fence netting should be paid attention to whole to coating uniformity, and the quality of the coating is also very important.Fence netting can be seen everywhere in the street, on the highway, railway even the school playground and other places to set up the fence.This is for security reasons, as well as for aesthetic considerations.So you know how to fence netting is made, the species use what?The following is the related introduction.Fence netting material: low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire. Fence netting textile and characteristics: weaving welded together.  Fence netting categories: highway guardrail net, municipal stadium fence mesh, rail fence, fence netting, hook flower net, barbed wire series.Hulanwang USES: used in highway, railway, airport, residential area, port dock, garden, breeding, animal husbandry, such as barrier protection.    Fence netting product features: anti-corrosion, prevent aging, sun resistance, weather resistance, etc.Electroplating, hot corrosion forms, plastic spraying, dipping plastic plating.   Fence netting is to protect the order, but on the premise of realize the protection and pay attention to beautiful sex, so choose fence to undertake choosing according to purpose, and should choose advanced technology companies to do it.

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