How to identify the quality of the fence

How to identify the quality of the fence

Many clients fence when the choose and buy can have such a problem, for experienced buyer, don’t consider as what, for beginners it is not very good, high quality fence netting material selection is very important, the stand or fall of material quality directly affects the quality of the products and the use fixed number of year, this relates to whether the products can reach the use fixed number of year, whether the quality standards.First, we should care LanWang how mesh, mesh is usually composed of different specifications of the welding wire, the wire diameter and strength directly affects the quality of the mesh, should choose in terms of selected silk is produce by normal manufacturer of high quality wire rod out of the finished wire;Followed by mesh welding or compiling process, the main is to look at the production and technical personnel and skilled technical between mechanical and operating ability, good mesh is usually every welding or prepare the point can be a good connection.Second, attention should be paid to the framework is guardrail nets, some formal companies are using Angle steel and round steel, square tube, but choose in different parts of the Angle steel and round steel tube should also be different.Third, guardrail overall grasp of plastic spraying process, should be paid attention to in general products as a whole to coating uniformity, can not have leakage model Then there is the quality of the coating is also very important.

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