how to install field fence

How to install field fence?There are several ways to install the fence, here I have introductions.

Installation of the fence, saying the installation of the column and the ground of it, there are two: one is embedded, and the other one is playing with flange expansion screws. Embedded very simple, is to make a long column, usually embedded 30 cm, suitable for land surface, first make embedded foundation, digging, and then into the column, direct irrigation mud on it until after the cement dried complete. Fight expansion screws with flange is welded at the bottom of the column flange, also known as a construction site, then the site drilling, applicable to the cement floor, directly on the floor to play the expansion screw it.
Here are some installation mesh and columns, there are four: the first one is the most common side ear connection, the second is through direct drilling screws, and the third is linked connection, fourth with U type card connector. When drilling through the screw refers to the corresponding circular holes marked directly on the mesh border and columns, installation; side ear is connected to the column on the mesh and welded on the corresponding side of the ear, when installed directly on the good to wear the screws on the line directly through the screw hole; hook-type connection is a connection peach type column with mesh, there is a corresponding hooks on the column, the mesh has a corresponding bending, directly linked to install it; by means of a U-shaped card connector installation of the fence is assembled, the first punch, and then install the U-shaped beams live Kaka, wear screws.

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