Innovative drive anping wire mesh industry core competitiveness

Innovative drive anping wire mesh industry core competitiveness
Anpingxian according to “improve the quality of development in the development speed of ascension” train of thought and ideas, clear the innovation main body, improve enterprise development level. Relying on industrial park construction, focus on the introduction of a large project, good item’s focus on strengthening of the introduction of technology of high quality project, the project provided with pay interest through the introduction of new technology, new equipment support. At present, the industrial park has built 62 high technology content, motivating item exceeds one hundred million yuan of the total investment of more than 300 one hundred million yuan.
Asked all of the relevant departments to formulate perfect the preferential policy, intensify to the introduction of talents, especially senior talents, creating a favorable talent introduction of the external environment, to ensure that the foreign talent to retain and use well. At the same time, increase the contact and cooperation with both universities and colleges, targeted training, training, reserve a number of professional and technical personnel. In order to train practical talents, anpingxian also opened is given priority to with actual combat skills training, in order to “build e-commerce huangpu military academy” for the purpose of “ali point”.
Relying on the printing mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, decorative mesh etc nine institute, do well the cooperation with colleges and universities and research institutes, around the key problem to wire mesh industry JinDang upgrade, intensify research, strengthen the capacity for independent research and development. Offer a great support in the aspect of funds, talents, technology, and give them discount on taxes, encourage enterprises to develop new products, expand the development of new areas, improve the market share. At present, there are more than 100 new products to obtain a patent for invention and utility model patents, patent of appearance design patents. To import foreign advanced equipment, equipment prices 10% of the subsidies.

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