Introduction to “architectural wire mesh”

Introduction to “architectural wire mesh“Architectural mesh at home and abroad to more and more widely used in engineering practice.General construction industry in our country adopted for building the mesh technology.Building industry in the age of rapid development, technological change over time, unexpected, directly or indirectly, in the construction of project high price rising, so the time limit for a project construction unit by party b is hard to squeeze, the absence of technology has made a kind of new technique construction mesh.New technology, new material and new specification change quickly.Construction mesh is used in reinforced concrete structure to replace the traditional manual binding reinforcement technology, its characteristic is that the industrialized production, quality assurance, construction is convenient, save work time, shorten the construction period.Architectural wire mesh used in transportation, highway, highway concrete pavement and bridge deck pavement layer of soft ground, ground surface crack, toll plaza concrete piers, railway station, station square and cargo concrete ground, airport runway, freight yard and the square concrete ground, tunnel lining, terminals, ports, etc.Architectural mesh used in municipal construction: elevated overpass surface pavement, square concrete ground, coagulation TuGuan, fence, slope protection, etc.;Hydraulic power coal, water conservancy, electric power dam foundation, fence, etc.Architectural mesh to use in other aspects: flood control facilities collapse and slope reinforcement and protection, husbandry, animal husbandry, etc.Type: stainless steel wire mesh, black wire piece, galvanized wire, plastic coated mesh, mesh belt box.Material: low carbon steel wire, electric galvanized wire, electric galvanized wire drawing.Advantages: welding firm, nets hole even, smooth surface, corrosion resistance, strength and protection ability.USES: used in coal mine, tunnel, bridge construction, roadbed net steel, construction sites.Ordinary mesh used in construction industry as shule plate nets and partition their nets, is the ideal of top new building materials.Has also been widely used in exhibitions, rack, etc.Architectural mesh in the construction industry has great competitive advantages are mainly classified into the following:1, construction mesh material saving.Because construction mesh has high strength, compared with the general level of steel in the engineering application can save nearly 30% of the steel.This in today’s energy shortage is particularly important.2, construction mesh construction is convenient, quality assurance.Steel bar welded mesh is according to the design drawings in the factory production, pavement construction at the scene.Compared with the traditional artificial binding site, therefore, not only ensure the engineering quality, and speed up the construction progress to shorten the time limit for a project.3, construction mesh support related industry standards.Steel bar welded mesh production construction are strict with the technical specification for concrete structures of steel bar welded mesh as the basis for production, which ensure the quality of welded wire mesh production.Editor of this discipline is jianke institute, the ministry of construction approved.Scientific research department of technology demonstration is an important premise of welded mesh.4, many wire mesh manufacturer’s efforts and the vast majority of engineering and technical personnel is building construction of the concept of innovation network promote the use of the most direct power.5, installation can be cut down a lot of steel, to prevent the cracks of concrete and development, reduce the concrete surface cracking, the welding net mesh size is very neat, good elasticity, pouring concrete reinforcing steel bar is not easy to local bending, deformation and sliding phenomenon, can decrease the reinforcement engineering cost about 10%.In building the net film due to shrinkage of cement mortar with high intensity, large, flexible deformation is not enough, direct effect on the outside of the insulation layer, the weather is bad, and cause cracking.To solve this problem, must use dedicated anti-crack mortar and complemented by reasonable enhancement of the net – in cement anti-crack mortar with steel wire mesh, wire mesh should be used in anti-corrosion good 12.7 12.7 x 12.7 m x 12.7 mm galvanized steel wire, welded wire mesh.Galvanized steel wire net 80 ㎜ long bolts into quincuncial piles type (distance between 50 ㎝) rivet into the wall, and then welded wire mesh for a permeability anti-crack mortar, doing brick construction finally.

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