Isolation gate wire mesh product classification and USES

Isolation gate  wire mesh product classification and USES

Isolation gate and escort LanWangMaterial: low carbon steel wireWeaving and characteristics: weaving welded togetherUSES: used in highway, railway, airport, residential area, port dock, garden, breeding, animal husbandry, such as barrier protection.Features: anti-corrosion, prevent aging, sun resistance, weather resistance, etc.Fence netting surface anticorrosion form electroplating, hot dip, plastic spraying, plastic.Results:(1) reasonable structure and optimal function.2 in harmony with the landscape, the formal beauty.Anti-corrosion treatment:After cleaning, polishing, passivation, plastic coated, vulcanization process, such as using plastic plating processing, color for fruit green, coating thickness of 0.5 ~ 0.5 mm, plating powder imported anti-aging performance better weatherability tree powder materials, the plating must be the same color, smooth surface, there is no flow, drops of tumor or excess agglomerate.On the surface of the plating shall be no defects such as leakage, iron plating.Gelizha classification:1, the framework isolation gate2, bilateral wire isolation gateWelded wire mesh, welded wire mesh with wire, low carbon steel wire should be adopted, and its chemical properties should comply with the provisions of the GB343. For network, solder joint falls off the number should be less than 4% of the total number of solder joints;For network, any area of 15 square metre of online spot off the number should be less than the 4% of the total area of the solder joints.The cast netBridge anti cast net: bridge main setting Yu Tianqiao or cast net main line down through the separation of interchange, used to prevent debris falls under the bridge road to the driveway, ensure the safety of the car.Mainly includes the steel mesh, welded wire mesh, and other forms of structure.Railway seriesFlat gratingAppearance screen frame size 1960 x 2790 mm: square tube 60 * 40 * 2.5 mm, about 40 * 40 * 2.5 mm square tube, flat steel welding between 40 x 3, four stiffener is 40 x 4 flat steel, the length of the 1000 and 1200 mm respectively.Mesh jinsu (green) on the surface, the required thickness of 0.8-1.2 mm, uniform coating, the same color, smooth surface, no sagging, drip, powdered, cracks and other defects.A flowing solder joints, around 2 o ‘clock, behind a bit, joint length 10-15 mm;Around the solder joints, two points, the middle point, the length of the joint 10-15 mm.Full welding between reinforcement and square tube, the welding requirements.Removal of welding slag after welding, joint to be smooth.Mesh become warped degrees after welding is not more than 8 mm. Angle iron fence1, appearance size is 1750 * 2750 mm.2, border made with the Angle of 40 * 25 * 3.0 mm3, wire mesh by the diameter of 4.0 mm or 3.5 mm steel wire welded together.4, mesh 75 x 150 or 50 * 100 mm.5, connectors used 40 x 55 x 8.0 mm plate.After 6, metal mesh should be galvanized anti-corrosion jinsu processing.7, separation barrier is set in the area of the terrain ups and downs, can be ground into a certain grade, made with the metal net the slope Angle of the parallelogram Settings, also can adjust the high speed and location of the post, will make step separation barrier.Rectangular tube fence1. The size of the appearance is 1700 x 3000 mm (pillar center distance).2. The frame adopts 30 * 50 * 2.0 MMD torque control.3. The mesh with a diameter of 4.0 mm steel wire mesh  welded together.4. The mesh 75 x 150 mm. 5. Post by 40 * 40 * 2.5 mm square tube columns, mesh link plate with 90 – degree Angle, thickness of 4.0 mm steel plate.6. After the metal mesh should be galvanized anti-corrosion jinsu processing.7. Protective fence installation to do “, direct, qi, yan beauty “, line closed sealed, no clearance;Direction straight along the road, suddenly far suddenly near;Protective fence at the top and bottom longitudinal transition is smooth and neat, and high or low;For the overall effect is beautiful, avoid messy feeling.Before installation should level off, the bottom of the fence height distance according to the design of 10 cm, not met, should carry on the backfill.

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