King kong wire mesh is the new high-end products on the market

King kong wire mesh is the new high-end products on the market, good prospects King kong net is new on the market of high-end home, suitable for assembly on the doors and Windows is new high-end, meet the needs of the high-end customers in. Can have the anti-insect effect can also play the role of guard against theft, and do not affect beautiful. Mesh impressions: fully without vertigo, indoor to outdoor look, like a layer of bright colored glass, outdoor to indoor watching is vague and indistinct trance. King kong wire mesh has advantages of good hardness, because of the high strength so whether it is fixed on the wall might form, has a good enough to accept, not afraid of invasions. High quality mesh is through the electrophoresis paint of disposal, afraid of damp, fierce to bask in the sun or bad situation. Because it is freely crisscross structure and wire diameter is 0.8 mm, not only can prevent mosquito, also strengthen security effect. To match the high quality locks and accessories, raised the function of the anti-theft doors and Windows, the characteristics of quality assured. With the anti-theft doors and Windows, let your home on the one hand in the ventilation, air permeability, no mosquito can guarantee a thief could not enter. Doors and Windows in the use of this product as a high-end product in today’s market, very popular, the market prospect is very broad.

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