Meg wire mesh market analysis

Meg wire mesh market analysis

Meg wire mesh, also known as burglar mesh, in the shandong area was known as the net cost, manufacture craft is usually double stigma welding machine.Each grid for side aperture 6.5 cm generally – 14 cm.Use wire roughness generally from 3.5 mm to 6 mm.Wire material is Q235 low carbon wire commonly.After crimped wire flower welded together Meg black wire.The shape of the mesh size general specifications for the 1.5 meters X4 meters, 2 meters X4 meters, 2 meters X3 meters.General table surface treatment for the cold (electric) galvanized processing.There is also a hot dip galvanized, plastic, plastic spraying.But, overall, ninety-nine percent of cold (electric) galvanized processing.Stainless steel LTD.Meg nets used in buildings, ships, Bridges and boiler furnace, building stairs, condole top, platform aisle of antiskid, the reinforcement of lightweight building materials, civil engineering batch of cement, the setting of concrete, and used in a variety of automotive tools and air compressor tank, also can be used as a safety equipment of various kinds of machine on gears.Meg web features: high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, a broad field of vision, easy installation, feel bright and easy, its product has beautification environment, strong and durable, not easy fade, deformation, etc.     Meg nets made stainless steel material production technology has a long development process, with the speeding up of the modernization process in recent years, the sharp increase in demand of the stainless steel standard parts, in almost all Meg net stainless steel standard parts replaced carbon chromium plated or galvanized standard parts.Stainless steel standard parts demand has increased dramatically, and so did the technical progress of stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire steel grade is commonly used in China for ten years ago, with the international general steel grade section, therefore, has formulated and revised the two version of the standard for metallurgical industry, the technological progress in order to move the stainless steel wire, but to little effect.Until the mid 1990 s, as the change of standard parts industry structure, many places have sprung up a group of foreign capital and private wire drawing and standard parts production enterprise, fundamentally changed the stainless steel wire production and use of the pattern of international derailment, at present, the production of stainless steel technology is very advanced, producing stainless steel Meg network technology is very advanced. Meg nets in China by relying on years of experience in industry research, market research.On the basis of practical investigation on a detailed description of the operation status of the Meg network market: in Meg network development at home and abroad, the current general industrial policy, industry characteristics, such as the industry life cycle, the degree of competition in the market), use the second-hand authoritative sources such as journals, combining static and dynamic research methods;In Meg net output statistics, regional output structure, the enterprise market concentration, the production cost and product structure, Meg aspects on the construction of the project investment, mainly based on the industry association, corporate databases and other data, quantitative and qualitative research methods;In Meg net consumption, prices downstream consumption group and consumption characteristics of regional consumption, channels brand satisfaction investigation and survey, mainly USES the field investigation to obtain firsthand material and through the model tool conclusions;In Meg net imports, export market and import and export policy, through the analysis of the customs authority of second-hand data, it is concluded that Meg net import and export product structure, regional structure and amount of quantitative and qualitative research methods;Key enterprises in Meg web products, development, production and marketing planning, products on the regional pattern, mainly USES the method of field survey obtaining firsthand information;In Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, xi ‘an city four key areas of Meg network market research, according to the company over the years monitoring data of the Meg net brand structure of each city, consumer channels, price changes, product satisfaction made a statistical analysis and comparative analysis;Niche product in Meg web application characteristics, market capacity, consumption patterns, development trends, has carried on the empirical analysis and normative analysis, mainly adopts a journal, such as industry association, the website of second-hand authority data;Industrial association studies;Facilitating the clients to focus on hold, at the same time as Meg nets industry the main problem of China the sole strategy is proposed Just advice.Can fully grasp the Meg nets in the domestic market development present situation, this is not only related to the company’s future capacity planning, and largely determine the company’s product strategy.

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