Most domestic fence export-oriented enterprises affected by the international economic environment

Actually early in the second half of last year, because we are affected by the international economic environment, China association of fence netting five gold products at present, referring to fence netting products exports, said: “the most export-oriented enterprises encounter difficulties, it is mainly affected by exchange rate, the effect of the change of market demand and export tax rebates. Especially the export tax rebate rate cut, had a great influence on enterprise exports. In fence netting lock industry, for example, some export company sales is very difficult, in 2011 the fair order decreased significantly, and only 10% in the past. At the same time, companies in part due to long-term neglect to establish brand marketing channels in the domestic market, therefore, in the short term to find breakthrough in domestic hulanwang market must be under greater kung fu.”Fence production enterprise is not profit, now is unsustainable export enterprises, so many people all know a rule of business, and that is making money.But only a few years, China’s fence netting the boss who understand that defend bath, in the international market, domestic cheap steel resources is one of the biggest competitive advantage.As the saying goes, backer has mountain, draft on water.China has a lot of suitable for highway guardrail net of natural resources and human resources, such as, chaozhou, guangdong foshan, zhongshan, fujian nanan and zhejiang, shandong and other places;China has a population of 1.3 billion, abundant labor resources, and so on, these are Chinese hulanwang do the biggest capital export enterprises.Steel resource advantage, there is a certain link fence market advantage compared with countries such as Italy, Germany, Spain, on the design of our country is inferior.But only a quarter of their guardrail net price.600 x 600 bricks in Italy, for example, is selling more than 20 dollars a square meters, and some fence netting enterprises of our country in order to open the market, the export of fob is only 13 ~ 14 dollars per square metre.It is because the cost is low, such as raw materials, labor makes China hulanwang wins Enterprises can compete with foreign enterprises at such low prices.Obviously, before a few years export growth stimulated each manufacturer capacity expansion, and the increase of production capacity will eventually lead to surplus production capacity, to overseas buyers increased bargaining chip, the export prices falling, this in the past few years has reflected the market competition.According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, on average, each export sanitary ceramics in our country’s price has dropped to $11 / parts, fell more than 20%.This means that many excellent fence mesh, metal wire mesh export production enterprises is not able to make better profit like a few years ago.For the 2008 financial crisis, people remember.In the first quarter of 2012, highway guardrail net orders increased, in many companies like looking outside, European and American markets renewed “dip”.At the end of January, nearly forty percent do highway guardrail net export enterprises production or closing of dilemma.Difficult to improve in the short term, Europe and the United States economy, combined with the artificial, steel rising raw material costs, is expected in the next few years, the export situation will deteriorate further.The financial crisis and the European and American economy has not picked up, prompting many highway guardrail net change sales strategy of the enterprise.”Now, under the market environment of relying only on export a way out of the question easily. Of course, the current stable and familiar with the export business is also a kind of unwise choice removed.”Many enterprise old total issued such a sigh.Enterprises to survive, need to change timely adjust strategy according to the market, actively looking for a way out.Some enterprise is doing a good job in this aspect, such as many large screen in the stable export business at the same time, actively expand domestic sales channels and sale in domestic market and export to two or morethings, two common development roads, get good grades.Due to the financial crisis hit, the domestic screen market weakness, some contraction front frame fence netting manufacturing enterprise, some agent to change the brand.At this moment is the silk screen production enterprises in the country, the best opportunity to develop channels, it’s like the stock market, it is down to the lows is the opportunity to approach you.Some companies duly seized this opportunity, vigorously develop, make the enterprise performance.

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