Perforated metal mesh iron wire mesh it belongs?

Iron punching metal mesh network is one of them, Bo Yang Anping wire mesh factory main products are: highway fence, rail fence, fence pieces, prison fence, we produce highway fence customers are mostly used to protect both sides of highways, railways isolation fence with protective sheet products, the prison walls with the prison fence. fence piece can be a highway, railway, prisons, construction, factories, courts, etc. are used . we have to fence fence piece can be divided into pieces according to use: highway fence, rail fence, airport fence, bridge fence, residential fence, plant fence, prison fence, plant fence, temporary fence, stadium fence, fence pieces Continental fence, grassland fence, construction safety net, SNS active Protection Network, SNS passive safety net, reinforced gabion, galvanized gabion, welded wire mesh, chain link flower gabion, plastic coated gabion, gabion cages, gabion pad, river gabion, chain link fence, welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh, steel mesh and other products. Fence products by the piece widely used in many fields of petroleum, chemical industry, scientific research, construction, medicine, aviation, aerospace, highways, railways, machinery, electronics, textiles, metallurgy, mining, farming and so on.
Iron perforated metal mesh material: iron, stamping, net surface flat, smooth, beautiful, durable consolidate Specifications: Coil 1x20m, flat 1x2m, can also be customized based on customer demand for processing.
Uses: mining, pharmaceutical, food selection, indoor noise, noise, grain storage ventilation, mechanical protection.
Punching network display options:
Mesh pass ordinary display method as follows:
1,60 ° staggered: 60 ° Plum display its natural high intensity and wide open porosity and obvious appearance has become a choice of the most farewell.
2,45 ° staggered: and the former match, 45 ° Plum display to supply the other people a choice.
3, straight row: other method is to display a circular hole in a straight row, straight row can have all kinds of variety of holes and openings rate, but it is a round hole compression of the worst in the series.
4, square hole: net square hole punching the hole to the people associated with the supply of a greater opening rate, What, then crush resistance is relatively low. And therefore more suitable for high visibility requirements for product applications. So it is commonly used for shop decoration station and mechanical shield.
5, a long hole: Staggered of long hole is mainly used for solid choice.
6, a long hole (vertical): straight row of oblong holes primary use in vibration sieve and filter.
7, hexagonal holes can be a maximum level of progress in opening rate.

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