Production of metal mesh material selection

According mesh metal mesh material is divided into: stainless steel mesh and steel mesh.

Steel mesh: according to the manufacturer requirements are divided into soft and hard-edged side mesh mesh, metal mesh made of high quality carbon steel Q195 through the rough drawing unit rod diameter cold drawn into customer requirements (minimum diameter of up to 3.0mm), the cold-drawn steel wire after a good leveler leveling and then cut through the automatic cutter length dimension to customer requirements. The size of the wire cut a good length on special mold (mold according to customer wants to do the mesh size), through semi-automatic welding machine welded wire mesh, and then after the last repair after edge trimming machine, soft edge mesh can be made of the left. If you want to process hard-edged mesh, can be soft-edged mesh welded to the frame (frame is generally square tube or pipe production, the square tube or pipe size according to customer requirements welded), can be made into hard-edged mesh.

Column using metal mesh tube or square tube production, will be the height of the pipe and pipe cutting made according to customer requirements.

On the good metal mesh and post weld connection with the ear. Can be made into semi-finished products.

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