Screen of ghost and remove what method is there?

Ghost “is often used to describe the recycling of residual image pattern on the silk screen version. After recovery, the hardening of the ink point and many tiny emulsion particles sticking on walls, which affect the next mesh normal ink transfer ability. The worst case, when the silk screen version to coating and after exposure to generate a new image after image of hardening particles will adsorption ink so as to present a fuzzy pattern on the printing quality. This kind of ink/emulsion particles usually can use strong cleaning chemicals such as mist to eliminate. In addition to the mist to decompose the screen wall residual emulsion, the mesh back to nature to a tense state. There is another form of” ghost “, is when the new emulsion coating and the specific after exposure, to use the new network map like printing, inconsistency of fuzzy design also will be part of the continuous adjustable area. The cause of the problem can be pushed back to positive itself. Positive, in the case of image continuous area is discontinuous, in other words, the image area should have enough opacity by exposure to light, but the part area is short of the ideal which the light reaches the lower density of the emulsion layer and produce certain actual exposure, developing, makes the mesh part should be completely dissolved ink block, as to produce the necessary printing design on the printing quality. To solve the problem of method is to make full use of the function of the density gauge, use it to test positive for tuning the highest density (on3dmax) and the density of pervious to light the lowest density (Dmin).

The third reason is that the potential mesh fabric of the old version, wear and tear. In the long-term rolling, expansion and cleaning in the process of recycling, screen silk will become more damaged tablet, which at the time of printing, this kind of local deformation of changes in the printing ink transfer characteristics of a thread of silk, compared with the intact part, these areas will form the patterns of the additional features on printing quality. When this kind of physical injury occurs, the only can do is change the screen mesh.

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