Small wire mesh knowledge: wire mesh concept and noun explanation

Small wire mesh knowledge: wire mesh  concept and noun explanation

Wire mesh  conceptSilk screen is to classify a large kinds of silk and silk products,  wire mesh is silk.He is to use chemical fiber, silk, metal wire and various wire made by certain method of textile products.Main applications are “screen, filter, printing, solid, prevention and protection”.English name Wire mesh  and wire meshSilk mainly refers to metal and non-metallic material into the silk;Network is a silk as raw materials, according to the demand for woven into different shape, density and size of mesh.Wire to wire, such as stainless steel wire, iron wire, galvanized wire, brass wire, PVC wire, etc.Net refers to the use wire (wire) in some process of mesh products.Screen is China’s traditional industrial products, in many fields such as scientific research, production and living has extensive USES.With the rapid development of science and technology, the current screen use and petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, food, construction, automotive, aviation, aerospace and other industries and high-tech fields.

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