Stainless steel mesh security installation method?

For installation methods mesh products, a lot of friends that are in the course is not too clear, in fact, have the effect of screen installation method is very necessary! Today, we will briefly address the safe installation and operation method of stainless steel mesh Notes?
First, the mesh material:
Currently in the crushing and screening, the lower screen or mesh screening level for more than two screening, wood material used is generally polyurethane mesh, rubber and steel braided mesh sieve. Polyurethane screen many users think it is the most wear-resistant screen, but it has a weakness, that is afraid of the water. Water or moisture content of materials in the case of large crushing and screening process, polyurethane easily hydrolyzed under natural conditions. So in practice, it is the use of effects and no theoretical good, especially in colored water content of the larger mines, coal mines, materials, and poor results. Steel braided mesh, screening the best, but its life is very short, only a few days or ten days, so in screening system for continuous operation, due to replace the too frequent, difficult to adapt to the needs of large-scale continuous operation, the use of to a lesser extent. Rubber screen, has good resistance to water, wear characteristics, soft, easy processing, combines the advantages of these two materials, it is widely used in many industrial and mining enterprises.
Second, the screen of the installation:
Small class size grade materials are used soft mesh. Soft screen installed at both ends of the tension using the method of beam support under middle of the screen. Since polyurethane soft rubber material and the screen, in use, there is the phenomenon of elongation, it is easy to produce relative movement between the screen and the support beam, resulting in a screen frayed. Now look at the screen from damage due to failure of the main screen is the relative motion of friction, tensile mesh, therefore, when installed, one support beam to have a reasonable area of contact, and then the platen is effective to have the screen surface side to pinch the screen.

Summary: shaker screen quick mounting apparatus and methods of use is a fast way to oilfield installation sieve shaker with fast and easy installation screen, mesh conducive speed installation, which overcomes the disadvantages of other techniques exist, it mainly consists of active tensioning device, positioning tensioning device and pull the plate three principal part of the connection is made, first by positioning tension taut rotated 180 degrees to determine the screen side, the other side by the active tension by rotating taut body 180 degrees principal purpose of quick installation screen; it simplifies multi-turn nut tightened before the tedious installation, on-site to achieve a simple, rapid change and taut mesh sieve method of installation, ease of operation, can quickly grasp, save manpower and time.

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