Stair Tread Covers

FOB Price: US $25-35/piece

Min.Order Quantity: 50pieces

Supply Ability: 10000 piece per Week


Stair tread covers

Compared with figure grating and other gratings stairs grating has the following advantages.
a. Material saving: It requires less material than any other item for bearing the same weight and also less support material is needed.
b. Less investment: It saves material, labor and installation time and no maintenance and clearing is needed.
c. Easy Installation: Installed with screws or welded on pre-installed support and only one person is needed to finish the installation.
d. Short installation period: No further processing is required and is quick to finish.
e. Long endurance: As they are anti-stain treated before delivered ex-work, our product can be steady for a long time and bear heavy weight and against attacks.
f. Modern-looking: It is well designed and ventilated and looks beautiful. The whole thing looks fine and modern.
g. Simple structure: It takes less material and is light and easy to lift up.

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