stair tread dimensions

Dtair tread dimensions:

1.1-inch welded wire mesh said here refers inch inch 1 inch = 2.54 cm, is the most common production and demand in the largest welded wire mesh
2. 1/4 welded wire mesh which is we referred to them, in the strict sense referred to 1/4 inch welded wire mesh, mesh size is 6.3mm, mesh is relatively small, the process of weaving too much trouble, a roll of welding net weight is relatively heavy.
Size 3 3/8 welded wire mesh mesh timely 3/8 * 2.54 mm, the specific value you can count on, where I do not calculate.
4. Calculation 3/4 mesh welded wire mesh and above, demand is relatively large, the export volume will be more.
5.2-inch welded wire mesh size of 5.08 cm, mesh larger, but the amount of such welded wire mesh is relatively large, the general wire diameter in 1mm-3mm, welded wire mesh which can be used in general dip of way of corrosion, corrosion resistance is very good, and nice, we like to become dip welded wire mesh.

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