Steel wire is how to produce?

Steel wire is how to produce? The main process including material selection of steel wire production, remove the tin oxide, drying, coating treatment, heat treatment, wire drawing, plating processing, etc. Raw material selection to see wire material. Remove oxide iron refers to wire rod or intermediate iron oxide on the surface of the billet, the purpose is to prevent iron oxide damage when drawing mould and steel wire surface, for the subsequent coating or coating processing good surface condition and reduce friction to reduce drawing force of drawing. To clear the method of iron oxide chemical and mechanical method two kinds big, see wire rod chemical descaling and wire rod mechanical descaling. Edit this section drying processing wire rod or median line billet after chemical descaling and coating treatment, in order to remove hydrogen and water require heating or drying at low temperature. Drying temperature general % 26 lt; 300 ℃, the temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, in case of lubricating coating failure. To hydrogen is eliminated in the process of pickling invades the hydrogen in the steel base, the purpose is to eliminate hydrogen embrittlement, restore the plastic wire rod. Removal of moisture on the surface of the wire rod, and make it dry, is to prevent the deterioration of water lubricant use effect. There are three commonly used drying facilities: drying box. For a cover of the box, the effective size according to the coil diameter. Work the tong in 150 ~ 250 ℃ hot air in the cabinet. This kind of equipment drying fast, time is about 2 ~ 15 min, drying was homogeneous. Tunnel drying oven heat from the combustion chamber under the furnace, the temperature of the drying chamber can be up to about 280 ℃. On the bottom of the furnace has trolley track and arched cast iron radiator. Drying of wire rod or middle line billet with trapeze hanging in the car, the hoist or artificial send charging. 10 ~ 12 cars per furnace can be loaded. This kind of equipment capacity is larger, higher yield, but in and out of the car when the worker labor intensity is larger, and the drying temperature is not uniform, temperature on the high side at the bottom of the car. The chain at the bottom of the furnace for combustion chamber drying furnace, a flame from the bottom to return to the side again after the flue ran out of the furnace wall. The furnace temperature is 200 ~ 400 ℃. When drying wire rod in the chain of the mobile, chain speed of about 12 m/min. This is a more advanced type furnace, large capacity, fast speed, high output, and overcome the tunnel furnace workers labor intensity big, the shortcomings of uneven drying temperature. . After removing oxidation coating processing iron wire rod or median line billet surface coated with a layer of solid lubrication by itself has a certain performance especially when drawing the deformation area can effectively absorb and carry material film formed by % 26 ndash; Coating. So in essence is the carrier of lubricant coating (see lubrication carrier). Coating for drawing is the purpose of creating good lubrication condition, in order to reduce the friction and heat in the process of drawing. Processing methods including physical method and chemical method two kinds big, main form has dipped in lime, yellowing, phosphating, copper plating, borax etc. Edit this section heat wire rod or wire heat treatment of semi-finished products heat treatment steel wire heat treatment. Heat treatment including raw materials, intermediate heat treatment and heat treatment finished three types of heat treatment. (1) heat treatment of raw materials or rod in the part, in the production of high carbon steel wire, alloy wire, the purpose is to improve the organization of the wire rod and its inhomogeneity and eliminate internal stress in order to improve the plasticity of the wire rod and cold drawing performance. Heat treatment of (2) is a heat treatment of steel wire namely median line grey, main purpose is to eliminate the cold drawing process of work hardening, restore line of plastic, to facilitate further drawing. If no finished product in the production of heat treatment process, the finished product before drawing ask heat treatment also asked to ensure that the finished wire should have the organization and performance. (3) the finished products after heat treatment in the finished drawing, the role is to make the microstructure and properties of product reach regulation, whether decided to delivery requirements. Wire in wire drawing machine drum winch under the (see drawing machine), among the wire rod or wire billets by drawing die die hole deformation, decrease the section shape for size, shape, performance and meets the requirements of the steel wire surface quality. Wire drawing usually must carry on the multiple times, including a ratio of surface area (see) reduction rate is about 10% ~ 40%. Drawing dies for the steel wire are fixed die and roller die (see roller die drawing), rotary die, etc., and give priority to with fixed mode. Fixed die namely material for whole round cakes in shape and center have pass drawing die, mold in the process of drawing stationary. Earlier use steel mould and chilled cast iron mould, later due to the low wear resistance and service life and not be eliminated. Currently widely used cemented carbide die, in addition to the hard alloy, natural diamond is molding material, but because of its resource scarce and expensive, confined to drawing alloy steel filaments and filaments. Appeared since 1970 s in polymerization polycrystal, synthetic diamond and corundum ceramics made of wire drawing die. Roller die for 2 ~ 4 rotating rolls of mold. Roller die drawing is often used to control some special-shaped steel wire and difficult to deformation, but with the increase of the rigidity and precision of the roller die devices to improve and adjust more easily, its use range is widen. Rotary die wire drawing mold frame structure and the fixed die are the same, but in the process of drawing, it by the driving of the drive mechanism around the wire axis of rotation. Advantage is altered when drawing wire and the direction of the friction between the die wall, increase the effect of shear stress on the wire, the steel wire is easy to deformation, which can reduce the drawing force and drawing power; Reduce the axial friction make when drawing wire inside and outside layer of inhomogeneous deformation less; Due to the mold high-speed rotation, die wear becomes uniform, wire out of roundness and surface roughness were improved. But when using rotary die steel wire with the mold easily and rotation or even reverse, so currently only limited to the thick wire drawing. In the case of using a fixed mould drawing, if in the inlet side of the wire tension is formed after the tensile drawing; If applying ultrasonic vibration to mold the formation of ultrasonic wire drawing; If the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic lubrication is known as the forced lubrication drawing. Cold drawn steel wire in the process of organization and mechanical property changes, work hardening. With the increase of cold deformation degree, the general wire tensile strength, hardness, and elastic limit increase, while the elongation, reduction of area, etc. Due to work hardening, so when drawing deformation degree reaches a

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