steel wire mesh enterprise how to deal with the export anti-dumping duties

 steel wire mesh enterprise how to deal with the export anti-dumping duties

Since May 15, 2013 19.15% of anti-dumping duties on Chinese stainless steel tube, over five years.The decision of the already domestically pressure stainless steel wire mesh enterprise is undoubtedly worse.Stainless steel wire mesh can be taken to improve the way of trade enterprises, adjust export center of gravity, promote industrial upgrading, play a role of industry associations and other ways to cope.Into the way of trade.Timely attention to the new stainless steel net foreign technical trade measures and anti-dumping information, and through the third country to our country technical trade measures to implement entrepot trade, avoid punitive tariffs, reduce the uncertainty of payment collection.Serious to currency depreciation of the nation, can use a variety of the method of payment, to avoid the loss of trade receivable.Adjust export center of gravity.Actively explore other countries and regions outside the eu market, especially in some emerging countries, take an active part in all kinds of stainless steel net enterprises overseas fairs and inspection activities, develop new international market.Promote industrial upgrading.Stainless steel net in technological transformation of traditional products and new product research and development, and international competitiveness, improve product added value by improving the high-end products of than to get more living space.Play a role of industry associations.Recommend stainless steel wire mesh enterprise anti-dumping duties industry association set up information release system on a regular basis, help enterprises to grasp the export situation, adjust business strategy, to avoid a campaign at a lower price, reduce the internal friction.

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