Stone cage wire mesh can effectively prevent mudslides

Stone cage wire mesh can effectively prevent mudslidesStone cage net can effectively prevent mudslides
Mudslides, instant explosion, fierce, an instant between, crash, pour house collapsed.
Southern China, the rainy season, frequent landslides, especially in sichuan, yunnan, guizhou, guangxi and other places. There is in every summer, mudslides destroyed people life and property of happening.
Such a catastrophe, can prevent?
Have no way to lock the mountain, AnGu slope, debris flow not happen?
There are!
Hebei bo Yang net industry co., LTD. The stone cage wire mesh  has this function.
The factory production of stone cage net is composed of high corrosion, high strength, has the ductility of low carbon steel wire or coated PVC wire, using mechanical woven. Widely used similar support, foundation pit supporting, mountain rockface net-suspended spray, side slope greening, rivers, DAMS and seawall scour protection and prevention of the reservoir, river closure, etc.
The relevant person in charge of network hebei bo Yang industry co., LTD told us: “landslides and other disasters, strong concealment, effective protection is the first step to ensure safety, protection of the most powerful measures should be the application of the stone cage nets.”
Stone cage net which features in effective prevention of the debris flow disaster? With this question, we learned to sheng Yang r&d experts that,
1. The stone cage nets have excellent stability
Using stone cage net ductility, can be all shapes and sizes of the stone into the net, forming a flexible whole, can arrive at the appointed place by hoisting, car, shipping, will be a net connected into a larger whole, convenient, fast and efficient construction and toss.
2. The stone cage nets have overall softness
Stone cage net has a flexible structure, XiangLong inside the gap filling stones, reduces the impact of the wave pressure; When wind wave crest to step down, also destroyed the waves of vacuum suction, and reduce the damage to the protective engineering. And suitable for vegetation growth between rocks, which is beneficial to protection.
3. The stone cage nets with super corrosion resistance
Stone cage net wire by hot dip aluminum zinc process, which can effectively reduce the oxidation of the cable. Again after resin film coating, corrosion resistance, anti-static, anti-aging, antioxidant properties, after resin coating of steel wire service life can reach 70.
The other place, stone cage net easy combination of structure and the diversity of color, can provide us with all kinds of structure design, and combining with plant lawn, flowers and trees is presented to us will be a green of the retaining wall and slope protection.
To strengthen protection, we should also be clear what kind of measures should be taken after the occurrence of debris flow.
Rainy days don’t stay long hours in the valleys. Once heard abnormal sound upstream, should be on both sides of the uphill direction to escape quickly. Especially during the rainy season driving in the mountains and valley pay special attention to the distance from the sound of thunder, this is likely to be a sign of debris flow will come. At this time should be decisive ditch the car and escape, the safest choice the shortest path to the valleys on either side of the hill or mound run, running along the flow direction of avoid by all means, don’t climb the tree, not to hide under the steep mountain.

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