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Update to Gingerbread for Droid Incredible 2 (Verizon)

HTC Droid Amazing two is eventually acquiring the Android two.three Gingerbread. The update (two.18.605.four) offers alongside performance improvement in general incorporates: Swift configurations extra to notification bar, downloads can be accessed from direct app, new skin dubbed Metal, icon for 3G modified, icon for Gmail notifications modified, Animation for scrolling through all applications is smoother, [… Read More]

Pantech Apache Headed to Verizon as a Cheap LTE 4G Phone?

Pantech Apache codename ADR8995 noted just visits FCC with Verizon LTE band. Although still no official confirmations, the Apache is clearly alleged headed to Verizon Wireless to be the up coming LTE phones lineup. There is not much that we can get about its specs, except its Wi-Fi b, g, n and bluetooth certifications that [… Read More]

Samsung Convoy 2 SCH-U660 (Verizon)

Is the another price range simple phone with PTT function, a form of successor phones, the Samsung Convoy two SCH-U660 seems to be the successor of the genuine Samsung Convoy SCH-U640 that was introduced by Verizon considering that Nov 2009 as a rugged phone with military spec style. Samsung Convoy two Specs:Networks : CDMA 20001x, [… Read More]

LG Gelato Q to Verizon, Gelato to T-Mobile?

LG Gelato Q, Optimus II and whatever the identify pulled by many mobile rumors in the wild, and we can emphasis to a single codename possibly for that things, LG VS700, that pointed out has been just cleared FCC with Verizon bands. The Gelato Q mentioned visits FCC with CDMA network and got clereance for [… Read More]

LG Enlighten - VS700 - Official Name for the LG Gelato Q (Verizon)

Rumored as the LG Optimus II and LG Gelato Q, VS700 lastly obtain clarity fate and get the identify of LG Enlighten. This is the Verizon model of the Gelato Optimus II, and the Sprint model rumored to use the codename LS700, and there is no title that is rumored for this Gelato Sprint model. [… Read More]