The biggest wire mesh production base: four types of wire mesh sales more than 5 billion

The biggest wire mesh production base: four types of wire mesh sales more than 5 billion

Ann ping county is named after the national “Chinese silk screen of the township,” wire mesh anping is the traditional industry, is also a strong county of enriching people’s pillar industries, to realize the wire mesh industry better and faster development, anpingxian actively accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development, through the construction of modern industrial system, enhance the level of science and technology, increase personnel training, and expand the market, improve the competitiveness of the wire mesh products, among them, the guardrail net output value from 600 million yuan in 2008, every 2009 years more than 2009 yuan, as things look will also be growing at double this year.Recently, the author interviewed the screen production industry authorities.According to the statistics, in recent years the rise of fence, gabion wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, polyester silk screen printing net this four categories products industry of rapid expansion.Anpingxian has already become a fence, gabion wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, polyester mesh of the country’s largest production base, the four types of wire mesh products last year reached more than one hundred million yuan in gross domestic product (GDP).At the same time according to the county industry do the county stone cage net production of large-scale loom mid last year only more than 70 sets, it has been rapid development in more than 200 units, annual production capacity is increased significantly, is widely used in flood control, protection and so on more than one national key project.With the implementation of “expanding domestic demand, used in mining, ore dressing of sieve crimped wire mesh is also got rapid development, production and sales growth at the rate of doubling year by year.Used in ceramic surface printing printed polyester net has the characteristics of large consumption, and is widely used in textile printing plate making, led to the dosage of the polyester mesh is becoming more and more big, the county seize this favorable opportunity, develop the polyester mesh industry, production capacity and sales have sharply increase than the same period last year.It is understood that the four kinds of wire mesh products sales to the county wire mesh sales accounted for about 40%.Anpingxian also by introducing and independent research and development to improve the quality of the products, printed polyester mesh loom, some equipment has reached the international leading level.They also held more through recruitment, manager of the factory director of expansion of enterprise training classes, the construction of talent base, high-tech talents.The wire mesh products in addition to occupy the domestic market, also gradually occupy the international market, some products have been exported to many countries and regions in abroad.Marketing means more diverse, the county at home and abroad set up more than 6300 sales outlets, more than 400 trading companies, formed a coverage, radiation domestic foreign screen operation network, realizes the production and market close docking.At the same time, the county active organization guide enterprises to take part in large-scale exhibition at home and abroad, make the world learned more about anping, anping moved toward the world better.On this basis, they also give full play to the first county economy informationization the advantages and potential of pioneer, support enterprises to develop e-commerce, currently the nearly m enterprises set up his own website, online trade accounted for over 50% of the total trade volume.

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