The characteristics of the beauty wire mesh

The characteristics of the beauty wire mesh
High strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, a broad field of vision, easy installation, feel bright and easy, its product has beautification environment, strong and durable, not easy fade, deformation, etc.
beauty wire mesh are used to prevent people, falling objects, or to avoid, reduce and fall strike damage wire mesh. Is a kind of high quality and low price, complete specifications, the product durable, rusty, beautiful generous fence products, it is composed of cold galvanized, hot galvanized, PVC dipping plastic, plastic spraying anti-corrosion technology. beauty wire mesh is a kind of mining Q235 low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire as the main raw material by weaving welded together can also be referred to as the “fence”, is mainly used for highway Bridges for protection on both sides of a beauty  wire mesh  product. And it is mainly used for highway, railway, Bridges on both sides of the protective take use; Can also be used in airports, ports, docks safety protection; Municipal construction of parks, lawns, zoo, ChiHu, roads, and residential segregation and protection; Mainly used for doors and Windows or roads, railways, Bridges, walls, zoo, family, building, shopping mall stores and other protection.
Used for buildings, ships, Bridges and boiler, building stairs, condole top, platform aisle of antiskid, reinforced lightweight concrete building materials, civil engineering batch of cement, setting, and used in a variety of automotive tools and air compressor tank, also can be used as a safety equipment of various kinds of machine gears.
Can be used for breeding chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fence. Machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belts fence. The screen to make into a container of a box shape, fill the cages with stones and so on, can be used to protect and support seawall, slope, road and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering. The superior material is flood control and flood fighting. Can also be used for handicrafts manufacturing, machinery and equipment of transmission networks.

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