The classification of the wire mesh fence

The classification of the wire mesh fence

Wire mesh fence netting according to production characteristics can be divided into two kinds. A for welded wire mesh fence, the other is a hook wire mesh fence. Both fence netting is widely used in protection. Welded wire mesh fence is by electric welding machine for the wire mesh, cold galvanized iron wire or galvanized wire after welding, then through bending, plastic spraying or multi-channel processes such as PVC processing. Corrosion resistance, beautiful, and effectively play a protection, etc. Hook wire mesh fence is a hook for all kinds of wire mesh machine, including PVC wire, cold and hot galvanized wire, etc. Hook weaving and become. With impact resistant ability is strong, beautiful, corrosion resistance, good protection.
Fence netting is mainly divided into: in our country garden fence netting, railway guardrail net, bridge guard rail net, highway guardrail, sports purse Seine, airport fence, etc. (extremely extensive USES).
By type is divided into: the frame fence netting, triangle bending hulanwang, bilateral wire fence netting, double circle fence netting, wavy fence netting, the stadium fence netting, razor wire, fence, barbed wire fence, PVC plastic coated wire mesh, etc.) (type diversification.
Hulanwang commonly used technical parameters: wire diameter 3.0 — 6.0 mm, the grid 50 mm to 150 mm, 25 to 60 mm, steel pipe frame pillar 48-2000 – mm, height of 1.6 m to 6 m, column spacing of 1.5 m to 4 m. Product advantages: beautiful and durable, deformation, quick installation, eye shot is open, the protective performance is good. Is an ideal metal wall. Products are widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zones, stadium, garden square and other places of safety protection and adornment beautification and its product modeling beautiful, and strong, good anticorrosion, beautify the urban environment project is the first choice of products. Fast installation is suitable for mass production standard, less labor, structure and beautiful, good coordination with the environment

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