The difference between the crimped wire mesh and vibrating screen mesh

The difference between the crimped wire mesh and vibrating screen mesh

Crimped wire mesh is divided into low carbon steel wire crimped wire mesh, high carbon steel wire, crimped wire mesh, medium carbon steel wire, crimped wire mesh, steel Angle line crimped wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, copper clad steel wire to wire drawing crimped wire mesh, galvanized cold wire drawing crimped wire mesh, stainless steel wire, crimped wire mesh.Widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, construction, machinery accessories, protective packaging with mesh, galvanized crimped wire mesh, mesh, barbecue, barbecue pits with a net, sintering furnace with network, hardware products with network, arts and crafts with net, vibration sieve, a basket with netting on top with nets, food machinery with nets, cookers with network, wall network, food, roads, railways, infrastructure with a net.  The specifications of the crimped wire mesh is not regulated, and according to different purposes, the material, wire diameter, aperture is not the same.Crimped wire mesh wire diameter: fine crimped wire mesh wire diameter in 0.5 mm – 2.0 mm, thick crimped wire mesh can be 5 mm – 22 mm range.Crimped wire mesh characteristics: due to the wire in advance in order to mold forming, so can make the two directions of wire in a relatively correct position, so as to ensure the consistency of crimped wire mesh of the mesh size.JieGouMei view, strong and durable.Crimped wire mesh weaving method: adopting the first bending into wavy metal wire woven in advance.Divided into the locked form weaving, two-way plain weave, one-way corrugated weaving, flat knitting, corrugated weaving, rectangular mesh weaving.Crimped wire mesh weaving method, the whole woven ginning, single ginning, embossed flowers, crimped wire lock take four kind of weaving method.And vibrating screen during normal operation, due to various characteristics of the material, but different shapes can produce various forms of mesh plug.After engineers analyze the reason of mesh plug are mainly as follows:1, contains a lot of close to the separation point particles;2, material moisture content is higher;3, the spherical particles or have much contact to mesh material;4, electrostatic will happen;5, the material with fibrous materials;6, flaky particles more;7, woven wire mesh screen after coarse;8, rubber sieve screen mesh thicker, hole shape design is unreasonable, does not meet the small under the big, and make the particles get stuck.Because most need sieving material particles is irregular, therefore, blocking reason is various.To effectively prevent the vibrating screen mesh plug, should take measures for the mesh plug reason.When particle size is fine, shale content, and more screening particle size is small, water is the decisive role of screen mesh.When material in water is more than 5%, if the unconditional to drying of material, the screen surface, mesh should be targeted.When the moisture is more than 8%, wet sieving should be adopted.The sheet-shape grains more material, you may need to change the way of material crushing and the granularity of different crushing process collocation.Reasonable adjustment screen tension is an effective method to reduce screen hole wall, the reasonable tension makes the screen mesh with mild secondary vibration of the support beams of the phenomenon, so as to effectively reduce the blocking particular way is, the tension hook made constant force tensioning mechanism, is equipped with a spring on a bolt.Crimped wire mesh is made of sand production line equipment, embossed structure of the vibrating screen mesh weaving is bent into a form of corrugated metal wire in advance, the two curved card in the same position, ensure the size of the mesh, crimped wire vibrating screen wire mesh with two-way bending corrugated, locked bending, two-way bending wave insulation, flat-topped curved, one-way bending corrugated, firm structure, used in mining, coal, construction, glass, petroleum, metal products industry, etc.

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