The feature analysis of the stainless steel wire mesh is not easy to rust

The feature analysis of the stainless steel wire mesh is not easy to rust

Stainless steel, with its elegant appearance, good characteristic of not easy to rust is enjoyed by people, all around us can see the figure of her simple beauty, such as our kitchen, our work environment can have its appeared everywhere, even our mesh system Products are also beginning to use stainless steel materials, favored by customers.So why not easy to rust stainless steel?Because it contains ingredients chromium in stainless steel surface to form a layer of dense chromic oxide layer, the thin layer and ACTS as the compression function of iron cloth unlined upper garment, the atmosphere and water environment in general, punching sheet can prevent the erosion of corrosive gas or liquid inward, and thus protect the internal material are not violated, what is more, if the protective layer of punching by the outside world to mechanical damage, under the general atmosphere or aerobic environment has the ability to repair itself, so as to protect the internal corrosion.Stainless steel mesh material quality stainless steel, in layman’s terms, is not easy to rusty steel.Part actually have both stainless stainless steel, acid (corrosion resistance).The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is due to its rich chromium oxide film on the surface shape into (passivation film), but in fact, the stainless steel will rust?The answer is: yes.The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is relative, experiments show that the steel in the atmosphere, the weak medium such as water and corrosion resistance in nitric acid oxidation, such as the medium is not the same.Many stainless steel and metal, or contact with the hand when the air is affected by the environment will also be to oxidize, in addition, the stainless steel surface after machining, such as: welding, stamping, curl, such as heat treatment process Principle, generating a black layer of the oxidation of hardening layer, and also formed many visible or invisible to the naked eye small burrs and acute Angle burrs, etc., in general, used a mechanical method is difficult to remove them, influence the full play of the workpiece material itself characteristic, in order to solve these problems, people use a lot of ways to prevent rusting of steel and have a rusty steel to remove rust stains, but relatively than rust removal to prevent steel rust stains are much more meaningful.The surface of the stainless steel with beautiful and corrosion resistant performance is good, need not after surface treatment, such as color of plating so quite widely, including applied to decorative hardware industry.Decorative stainless steel parts, such as door handle, door handle products generally go through surface polishing treatment after forming.After polishing treatment of the surface of the product in addition to very smooth and shiny, beautiful outside, the rust prevention performance will be greatly improved, the reason is that in the process of polishing processing, on the surface of products, such as high-speed friction heat make the product surface to form a layer of molecular arrangement neat relatively dense chromium film, the film separated and invasion of oxygen in steel, have the effect of corrosion resistance.Can see from this, steel rust will do a good job in the protection of the chromium film on the surface of the steel, protect the layer of chromium film, of course will keep its surface chromium coating in good condition, as far as possible from the harm such as collision, enclosed flower.Often on its surface clean, even prevent some as perspiration, oil and acid dust in the air and other corrosive substance attached to the surface, causing rust.In the process of cleaning, bear in mind that do not use rich in acid and alkaline cleaning, washing supplies, these substances will through tiny of chromium coatings (meat Can’t see) pore or directly with steel in addition to the chromium content in the few other material composition form to oxidize.And the best way to clean steel is: wipe with a clean dry cloth to wipe the dust contamination.Because the stainless steel surface is smooth, stick in the above things even only use dry cloth is not particularly difficult to erase.If it is not clean as perspiration, fingerprints or oily be soiled, there is also a good way: talcum powder is glued on the dry cloth, used for wiping with oily be soiled hand parts, wipe faster and does not cause steel rust.Talcum powder general chemical store you buy, quality and cheap, economic and practical.If you really can’t buy, use a little force, pure with dry cloth to wipe, otherwise, not only not rust, also the opposite yo.

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