The importance of highway guardrail net in high-speed traffic

The importance of highway guardrail fence  in high-speed traffic

In recent years, due to the rapid development of highway construction, highway safety is especially important.Highway guardrail fence as an important traffic highway safety facilities, the material selection and structure design directly relates to what it can provide security.Since the reform and opening, our country economic level has improved significantly.Highway guardrail fence at the same time, our country’s civil cars have quantity also rise sharply.However, China is the world’s one of the largest traffic accident deaths.According to data shows, at present our country motor vehicle has for more than 110 million cars, car more than 3000, 107000 people died in the number of traffic accidents every year, the number of injured 470000 people, the direct economic loss caused by the loss of 2.3 billion yuan.Facing this trend, people are eager to enhance road safety.Highway guardrail fence, especially when facing an emergency vehicle and dodge and rushed out of the way out of control, and inevitably lead to accident occurs, the safety of the highway guardrail net becomes crucial.Highway guardrail net although does not reduce the happening of the accident, but after can greatly reduce the accident caused by the number of casualties.Highway guardrail net give play to the role of the security principle: high speed vehicle has great kinetic energy.When an emergency situation, the vehicles will be out of dodge, out of control and rushed to the highway guardrail net.The role of the highway guardrail net is to avoid vehicle violent collisions and casualties.Highway guardrail fence safety design: kinetic energy related to its mass and velocity of the vehicle, the common models of small cars, quality and speed in the 80 km and 80 km respectively are the kinetic energy.The quality of these cars is roughly equal, vehicles can reach a top speed is to determine the main factors of the kinetic energy of the vehicle.

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