The introduced of Fence

The introduced of Fence

Fence netting is supposed to be for national convoy defending effect, fence netting points a lot of kinds of railway protection bar network, highway fence netting fence netting, etc.A good fence netting can have the effect of maintenance.Production quality to pass the guardrail nets first from all parts of the product on the good quality, should choose the high quality of barbed wire and high-quality steel, high quality of barbed wire shall be flatter quality of wire mesh and it did on welding or constructed everywhere jump wire and the wire, and whether the plastic coated mesh uniform barbed wire is this preliminary selection, in is all of the framework material should choose high quality Angle steel and round steel as the material, choose good after these information is on the whole data of cohesion, cohesion is good in the factory after the installation of also should pay special attention to, in the process of installation should be checked flatter each product of solid state and the cohesion between each product all steps should be through the strict checks, such ability can think social escort!Hulanwang anti-corrosion methods have great relationship with the service life of the fence, highway guardrail net generally use fixed number of year in 10 years, some small manufacturer not scale, occupy the market at a low price, in order to reduce costs, gelizha shoddy, use time in 3-4 years, completely unable to meet the use requirements.Fence is also known as: gelizha, it is a metal mesh taut the fence on the supporting structure, to prevent the people and animals into the road side.On both sides of highway and the level of car special roads shall be set isolation gate.And to prevent illegal occupy land for exclusive use by highways.Fence netting corrosion one way: jinsu, domestic mature jinsu trick now is: powder molding, it originated in the fluidized bed method, the so-called fluidized bed was originally on the winkler gas generator used in oil contact decomposition, then develop the gas solid two phase contact process, after gradually used in metal plastic coated.So sometimes still called fluidized bed coating method, the actual process is add powder coating to porous permeability at the bottom of the container flows (tank), by the blower from the bottom into the compressed air after processing, make the powder coating turning to “fluidized state”.Become a uniform distribution of fine powder.We know solid flow pattern of fluidized bed is in the second stage (the first stage for fixed bed, the second phase phase for air transportation), on the basis of the fixed bed to continue increasing velocity (W), bed expansion and loose, bed height increased, each powder particles float, and leave the original position for a certain degree of mobile, has now entered the stage of fluidized bed.BC period of powder in fluidized bed expansion, its height (I) increases with the increase of the gas velocity, does not increase, but in the bed pressure changes within a certain range velocity without affecting the fluid power unit, the this is the characteristics of the fluidized bed, it is to use this feature to applied on the coating process.The uniformity of powder fluidized state in the fluidized bed is the key to ensure uniform coating.On the powder coating with fluidized bed belongs to “vertical fluidized”, fluidization number must be tested to find out, generally to coating, powder in fluidized bed suspension rate of up to 30 ~ 50%.

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