The introduction of chain link wire mesh

The introduction of chain link wire mesh

Chain link fence can be referred to as: the wire mesh, chain link fence warehouse (4) barbed wire fence, etc.It is made of wire rod after drawing into a thin wire, cold wire drawing), then after a large welding machine will wire welding is our common (wire).In connect with a variety of different column.Constitute the beautiful generous, protective performance high chain-link fence.Because of its excellent characteristics, installation simple and widely used in highway, railway, airport, stadium, prison in the areas of protection. Chain link fence – specifications: The 3-5 mm thick low carbon steel wire welded together.50 x150mm x200mm 50 mesh mesh do bending processing, namely, achieve beautiful, and can enhance the resistance to impact Pillar with 5 cm above, there are 8 cm below the trapezoid column, do 135 degree Angle with the top, bottom and 200 x200mm flange welded together.Products are using high quality polyester powder after galvanizing Electrostatic spraying, USES the international popular RAL color. Chain link fence – production process: First, use cold drawn steel wire, low carbon steel wire through the pressure welded together – mesh welding machine. Second, the mesh in batches in the high temperature furnace heated to 285 degrees Celsius (temperature determines the jinsu after finished product surface gloss and the thickness of the plastic) Third, after being to reach the specified temperature furnace, the slots will be put into the plastic mesh powder powder and for the plastic (plastic powder material is usually polyethylene, color: black and white, blue, yellow, green and red, green, chain link fence products on the market the majority) Fourth, a good natural vertical hanging on the shelf after molding powder, 30 minutes later, the loading can be sent to all parts of the country. Advantages:1, with beautiful and practical, easy to transport and the characteristics of simple installation.(2), high performance, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, broad vision, installation is simple, feel bright, easy.3, suitable bending, contributed to this product is unique and beautiful effect, can use a variety of colors and surface jinsu processing, columns with different mesh the collocation of color is more pleasing, this product is used more with bottom plate column and at the same time, just make good expansion bolt installation, very fast. The points for attention during the installation: Construction units in the chain link fence installation should be accurately grasp all kinds of construction drawings, especially the embedding position of the various pipelines in subgrade, in construction process does not allow for any damage caused by underground facilities.In construction of the chain link fence, the pillar of embedding should segments, first is buried at the ends of the column, and then stay buried in the middle column.From the longitudinal view, the axis of the column should be in a straight line, may not appear the phenomenon of uneven;From the height of pillars shall be smooth, and may not appear rugged case.In the subgrade engineering as soon as possible after the completion of their implementation;Contractor should make detailed construction plan before the construction supervision engineer for approval.

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