The technical requirement of galvanized wire

1 . Material A, zinc ingots : One should not be less than zinc GB470 regulations. B,: shall comply with the provisions of a concentrated GB534 . C,: shall comply with the provisions of a concentrated GB534 . D, of the press : should meet the level required by chlorination GB2946 .

2 . Appearance A, continuous coating surface is smooth and there are practical . B, plating combination does not allow the installation of sagging , dropping to stay or slag exists. C, the surface should be seamless plated plated , exposed iron and other defects, but defects when the following conditions are allowed to exist . a. drain plated area of ​​less than 0.5 mm diameter spot . b. regardless of the size of plating , the plating area of ​​the leakage spots 0.5-1 mm in diameter , in each square centimeter of not more than 3:00 , and the total number of spots in the plating is not more than 10:00 . c. join in the non- contact and non- corner , a height of not more than 1.5 mm of sagging or dripping stay slag . d. plating and operation of tools and linked to a contact wounds, but does not reveal the iron.

3 . When the amount of zinc and zinc adhesion layer thickness A, plating thickness of 3-4 mm, zinc deposition amount should be less than 460 g / m, ie, the average thickness of the zinc layer is not less than 65 microns. B, the plating thickness greater than 4 mm , zinc coating weight of not less than 610 g / m, ie, the average thickness of the zinc layer is not less than 86 microns. C, the uniformity of the coating : zinc coating substantially uniform copper etching solution tests do not reveal the five iron . D, coating adhesion ; zinc plating layer should be combined with the base metals firm has sufficient adhesion strength by hammering test does not fall off , do not bulge.

4 , plating requirements to be A, to be plated surface should be smooth, without pickling method can not be cleared by the filth . Such as paint , oil , cement, asphalt , and too bad for harmful substances. B, all weld components should be sealed , without air. C, pipes and containers of zinc must have exhaust and intake hole . D, finished welded steel workpiece should not be threaded if the thread should be protected .

5 , test methods A, zinc deposition amount was measured using magnetic thickness gauge , direct measurement of the thickness of the zinc layer . B, coating uniformity was measured by flow etching acid copper solution test methods .

6 , extended cut method A, zinc coating adhesion amount of zinc coating thickness uniformity of the zinc layer , when adhesion controversial , take samples and products under the same test conditions as galvanized , does not meet the requirements of this standard for the nonconforming product . B, factory sample testing method , if the first failed , then press the relevant provisions of the random testing , if still fail , then determine whether the product is defective .

7 , test storage A, after inspection of plating written by professional inspectors visas to qualified patients into the office . B, a variety of quality products should be stacked neatly.

8 , galvanized flow chart : [ incoming inspection ] – [ Pre- Clear ] – [ skim ] – [ Cleaning ] – [ acid ] – [ Qing acid ] – [ leach solvent ] – [ drying ] – [ hot-dip zinc ] – [ except I zinc ] – [ cooling , purification ] – [ cleaning ] – [ Self Test renovations ] – [ product inspection ] – [ qualified factory ]

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